#866.5: Right Now, I Am Happy

A spontaneous mini-chapter as I navigate a November weekend.



GETTING MORE TALE #866.5: Right Now, I Am Happy

As of right now, 10:39 AM on a beautiful Saturday morning in early November, I am happy.

It might not last.  It might be a moment as fleeting as the breeze.  But as I remove my mask in the open air, and breath it deep, I feel good.

We’ve had a hell of a week.  A Wednesday kitchen accident left us without a functioning stove and a hell of a mess.  We are working hard and cleaning up.  Just one more thing, right?  But not the end of the world and nobody hurt.  Well, not too badly; I’m sporting a cut hand from some broken glass in a kitchen corner.  It just makes me look tougher!  Hah.

I am learning that it is OK that I can’t do all these home projects on my own.  Somebody is coming to haul the old stove away in about an hour.  On Monday somebody else will be delivering the new one.

I am enjoying my beloved music collection.  This week I have delved back into Judas Priest.  I currently have five Judas Priest reviews ready to post, just awaiting final revisions.  I intend to finish all the Judas Priest reviews before the end of 2020.  It’s going to happen.  It feels good to achieve a goal, trivial to others as it may be.  I am learning not to judge myself too harshly and to recognize my worth.

Priest were a really important band to me in my younger years.  Listening now, even to their more recent music, I still get a huge kick.  “Revelations” from Nostradamus might not sound like the Priest I knew back in 1987, but it gets my head a-bangin’.  My air guitar is tuned and ready to rock when I hear it.  My old bones still creek, but my young heart still pumps molten blood when I have the mighty Priest in my ageing ears.

Well, I’d better split, the junk lady will be here soon to pick up this old stove.  If it’s nice and sunny where you are then I recommend you go outside for some nice air.  It’s a beautiful day and right now, I am happy.


  1. Can’t wait to read the Priest reviews! I’ve been on a Blue Oyster Cult trip the last week or so, started with their new album “The Symbol Remains”… Pretty strong release for a band that many years into it. Got me going back and checking out some previous albums I had missed (Heaven Forbid and The Curse of the Hidden Mirror) as well as some older catalog stuff from the 70s and 80s.


    1. Thanks Harrison. I blasted the whole album yesterday morning. This time out I kind of tuned in to Don Airey’s keyboard work which is excellent. It’s a different album. Long but enjoyable. It’s probably the last big chance they will ever take musically.

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      1. When I get around to posting my review, I’m basically saying the exact same thing. The keyboard solo in “Nostradamus” is worth listening to the whole album for.


  2. Glad to hear you’re happy right now (as fleeting as it feels sometimes!). We had a nice terra cotta baking pan crack in our oven last weekend, and thankfully no one was hurt, and no mess. I almost cut myself on the broken piece though. These things happen…

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