Learn All About Bands You (Hopefully) Don’t Know on this week’s LeBrain Train

The LeBrain Train:  2000 Words or More with Mike Ladano

Episode 42

This week’s episode is brought to you by the brain behind 2 Loud 2 Old Music — John himself.  The man is like a music encyclopedia so it’s only fitting that he came up with this particular Nigel Tufnel Top Ten list.  What are your Favourite Artists that Nobody Else Has Heard Of?  Tonight’s panel will answer that question 11 times each, and hopefully give you a ton of stuff to listen to over the Christmas holidays.

Tonight’s panel:

There will also be a couple guest lists for us to run down.  That means you could be getting up to 66 bands to listen to!  (Depending on list crossover.)  Are you excited?  I am!


7:00 PM E.S.T.
Facebook:  MikeLeBrain  YouTube:  Mike LeBrain


There will be a show next week, but it will not be on Friday!  Friday is Christmas after all.  I plan to go live on Boxing Day , Saturday December 26, and talk about Christmas Nostalgia.  From getting my first X-Wing fighter to the year I got Zeppelin, I can’t wait to tell you some stories.

For the following week, I am tentatively planning to go live on New Year’s Eve, Thursday December 31.  I dunno what time yet…it’s not like I have anything else going on…but it’ll just be a New Year’s party.  Mrs. LeBrain is planning to join me and we hope you can too!



      1. Aww thanks so much Mike! Either way, I wish you a great show and that you have a blast! But I also hope you’re feeling better too because I remember you were sick last week, or the week that before yeah? You have Harrison watching too, and he’s from Australia, which is incredible as well!

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        1. Harrison will be in the comments, yes! He has to get up at 7 am on Saturday to catch the show!

          Yes last week I was worried about tummy troubles. My tummy was bothering me and so I thought maybe I would have to leave and go to the washroom. Fortunately that didn’t happen!

          Whether you catch the show live or not, I hope you have a Rock N’ Roll Weekend!

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        2. They’re 100% worth the early wake-up. And it’s summer here so it gets light out really early anyway, so I’d be getting up around then anyway.

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        3. Normally around this time of the year it’s already stupidly hot, but it’s been kind of mildish (compared to the usual) at the moment. Can’t last forever though.

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      1. I have pulled out all the albums/cds I have for each artist and will show a few. Weird thing is there are 2 on my list, I actually haven’t bought anything, but that will change after Christmas. It is a travesty.


  1. I will tune in tonight, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. Maybe I will even agree to be a guest on Boxing Day to help you reminisce!


  2. Fun theme & what a panel too!
    It’s a particularly neat idea for an episode as it’s a win-win:
    If I don’t know the groups/artists, I learn
    If I happen to know one of the groups/artists, I can feel proud of knowing an obscure artists!


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