REVIEW: Marillion – Christmas 2020 (single)

MARILLION Christmas 2020 (2020Racket Records CD single)

For those who love the numbers (hands up, both of you), here are some Marillion 2020 statistics for you:

  • This is the third Marillion single in 2020, after the “Easter” and “Made Again” home recordings.
  • This is the sixteenth Marillion Christmas CD.  A full list of them can be found at bottom.

This year it’s a simple two-track CD single, instead of a live album, and it’s better that way.  Not that a double live CD isn’t a fine way to spend Christmas, but this just feels more…Christmas-y.

Both tracks are produced by Michael Hunter.  “All I Want for Christmas is You” features jingle bells, and the full band givin’ ‘er.  Nice to hear Marillion just rocking!  This is what I want to hear this Christmas — a party.  Ian Mosely doesn’t get to pound a simple one out like this much anymore.  This is good time Marillion Christmas dance party track — and there are not many of those!  They even managed to squeeze in a so-cool Steve Rothery guitar solo without losing the fun.

For the sentimental type, enjoy a lovely “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.  Hard to believe Marillion haven’t covered this one yet, but they have now!  They do it with piano, keyboards and light accompaniment.  It’s done just the way you want to hear it, around the fire after the kids have been tucked in.  Listen for Steve Hogarth’s Christmas message at the end.

Two Christmas songs done so perfectly that even a Grinch-like curmudgeon can enjoy them.  What else do you want for a free Christmas CD?

5/5 stars

Marillion Christmas CD collection



    1. Funny enough I was jonesing for a Marillion Christmas review. I was wondering just a few hours ago when Mike was gonna do his first Marillion review of the season. It’s becoming a Christmas tradition to read his Marillion stuff around this time of year. Helps out since I haven’t really gotten into the Christmas spirit yet, can’t believe it’s already that time of year!!!

      Do I get the Christmas Eve review in my honor I was teased about in last year’s comment section?

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      1. Sigh, no Christmas Eve review this year. I’m just not feeling seasonal either. Instead on Christmas Eve I’ll be posting the plan for that week’s show. It’ll be a Saturday show that week on the 26th and it’ll be called Xmas Nostalgia.

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        1. Throw on Die Hard. I’ve been meaning to as I think it would help boost the Christmas morale over here. Throw on the second one if you’re so inclined, it’s a Christmas movie too (though not as good). Lethal Weapon’s a good choice too.

          If you need your Christmas movies more serious The Bishop’s Wife is hard to beat. Not the remake, the original with Cary Grant and Alan Niven. What an underrated picture that is. Should be a staple in all homes.

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