All The Bands You Never Heard Of…epic 3 hour LeBrain Train

Awesome show this week! The 42nd LeBrain Train was another three hour long epic.  The theme was “Best Bands You Probably Never Heard Of”.  We never settled on a proper wording for it, or a proper system for keeping score.  The goal was to introduce you to plenty of artists we think you’d think.  And we hope you do!  For the first time ever, there was no crossover with the six lists!

Lists by:

Added bonus:  At the mid-way point (1:30:00 exactly) a very-caffeinated-me decided to go on an F-bomb laden rant about people who post The Mandalorian spoilers openly on social media without warnings.  Please enjoy my rant!

The final score:

  • Mike:  11 points
  • Sarah:  14 points
  • Harrison:  17 points
  • Rob:  19 points
  • John:  23 points
  • Aaron:  88 points

Huge thanks to everyone for hanging out so long!  Thanks for watching and see you next week.


  1. Ok I took notes while watching the show, so that I know what to put in this comment, so here it goes:

    Is Canada going into another lockdown (you brought up that you were upset at the start of the show)? Are cases really that bad over there? I hope things get better over there in Ontario.

    I love that Aaron wore an Iron Maiden shirt, especially with “The Trooper” (my favorite Iron Maiden song).

    I love the reference Aaron made to Whose Line Is In Anyway, that the points don’t matter (WLIIA is one of my favorite shows and I refer back to clips at times when I need a good laugh).

    Sarah mentioned Natasha Bedingfield and I know her because a girl sang “Unwritten” on American Idol (season 5) and I’ve heard a few of her songs around since.

    That Star Wars rant was great haha! I love spoilers, but I hate them when it comes to reality shows. Either way, I can see where you’re coming from.

    I can’t believe Aaron hasn’t been out of the house for so long! Props to him for remaining sane throughout this craziness!

    I watched that livestream with T-Bone, and I don’t remember Deke talking about an arch nemesis and I watched the whole show. I must’ve missed that part.

    I can see “Donna (Do You Wanna)” being a Beach Boys song. And actually I love how you gave everyone points for stuff like great story, doing their research, and stumping you! It was funny that Kevin wrote a serious point tally, knowing that it’d differ a lot from the free-giving point tally haha. Nah, you gave everyone points for understandable reasons, and I respect that!

    I have all these new bands that I need to check out. My goodness, I am falling behind. I still haven’t checked out Neurotic Outsiders yet. I’ve been wanting to check out Needtobreathe for a couple of months now, but never got around to doing so yet, but I will one day. I’m getting overwhelmed with all of these bands that I don’t want to forget about the CDs I already have haha!

    But anything with Def Leppard, gets my approval! I’ll give Matt props for turning “Pour Some Sugar on Me” into a whole new stripped down track that doesn’t even sound close to the original. I actually heard about Pyromattia, while reading the wikipedia for Pyromania, but I kept pushing it aside to search it up. That won’t be the case anymore!

    John also gets bonus points from me as well for the Santa hat lol!

    I try not to get into The Beatles because of how overhyped they are (but also how they are considered a rock band). I like a few of their songs, but American Idol kept playing their songs over and over again, and a lot of people call The Beatles one of the greatest bands of all-time (I think Metallica is a way better band). I know they have more than their hits, but I’m not in the mood to dive into their catalog.

    Great show Mike and thanks for the laughs! The show was entertaining and hilarious as usual. I’ll be looking forward to your next two shows (hopefully I can watch them live). But I’ll also be looking forward to Kevin’s and John’s 2020 albums posts. Sorry for the long comment, take care! :)

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    1. Parts of Canada (like where I live) seem like we are going into lockdown. An announcement will be made Monday. Oh, happy happy joy…

      If you want to hear “Donna Do You Wanna” for yourself then check out the music video from my own personal collection!

      Truly a great band, and it’s not going to be easy for you to find their music, but I think you will love it.

      Neurotic Outsiders — wasn’t it cool that T-Rev showed up and mentioned them! A band we were just talking about. It was also a BIG thrill for me that he was there to catch the story about Sultans of Ping FC!

      Thanks for watching Lana, it means everything to me! Hope you can catch some of the stuff I have planned over the Christmas break!

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      1. I hope another lockdown won’t be the case for your area!

        Omg there’s been an accordion in rock n roll, brass instruments in rock n roll, and now there’s a harmonica in rock n roll! Actually I’ve heard a harmonica in rock songs, but not like that! The song is so good and I love the singer’s voice!

        Shoot that’s sad! Is it because they’re so obscure? I think Deadline are pretty good! They’re not even on Spotify darn it.

        I found it funny that Neurotic Outsiders was brought up indeed. I didn’t know Duff McKagan was in the group too! it’s a shame they only have one album. Unlike the Sex Pistols and Ramones, I like the vocals.

        Aww thanks so much Mike! I’ll make it my mission to catch your shows planned for the rest of 2020, don’t worry!

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        1. Good old Eric / Uncle Meat has an EP coming out in 2021 with a song called Oktoberfest Cheer featuring accordion solos. Actually I played that song on my Halloween show.

          Yeah not only were Deadline obscure, but there are people out there looking for their CDs. I have had many offers to buy mine. I will not be selling!

          Neurotic Outsides were great! What I liked about them was the punk vibe, but with the Guns N’ Roses drumming. They were just a one-off project and not really successful enough to warrant a sequel unfortunately.

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        2. Oh yeah I remember that song! It’s called Oktoberfest, so makes sense you played it for the Halloween show. You had a guitar with you, I believe.

          How did you get those CDs by the way?

          I’ve always liked Duff because he seems like a cool dude, so it’s a shame they never did much afterwards.

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        3. Max the Axe is the guy that was on your One Hit Wonder Stream right? He seems nice and he was funny that night, how he always went to have a smoke break when it wasn’t his turn.

          I think Duff is my favorite member from Guns n Roses. I liked that he was chill and wasn’t flashing his ego. Not that Slash did that (I think), but yeah!

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        4. I’m looking forward to seeing him more on the show in 2021! He has a cool music collection as well.

          Woah, Duff has a business degree too?!?! That makes me like him even more!


    2. to me the Beatles thing is like saying u don’t drink water ‘cos it’s everywhere. Maybe it’s not the right time yet. It took me years to get into Dylan. And with him I’m not into every album. That’s one of the reasons why music is so cool. Everyone gets to pick who they like and don’t like and is free to reverse on that anytime.

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      1. The reference about the Beatles being everywhere was genius! Maybe it’ll take time indeed, it took me years to get into the bands I grew up with as well, or maybe my opinions will stay the same, but it’s cool everyone has different taste! There are phases as well!

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  2. Thanks for including me in this chat, folks. I get the feeling that if we were all sat around a table in a backyard with food and drinks on a lovely day, we could just talk this stuff all day. Good on you, Mike, for reining it in and keeping it to three hours. Cheers everybody!

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    1. Hopefully one that some of us can partake in that scenario. Deke has promised me a visit to Sausagefest when he is retired. Imagine Deke and I heading up to Owen Sound before that!


  3. It would be helpful to get written lists as well. As non-native it can be a bit of challenge at times to get a grip of the band names when talking about unheard of bands…pronunciation etc. Call in the graphs guy!


  4. okey, it’s officially Christmas time, just ordered (I think) 7 U2 live dvds cause they were on sale….haven’t gotten myself anything for Christmas yet. Did u get any music gifts for yourself this Christmas?


  5. Sunday fun, got to watch the rest of the show. New bands! Thanks u all!.
    Rob had the biggers surprise with Skunk Anansie! Been a fan since forever. And thanks for giving me a new band to look into the Heavy. They sound cool.
    And Sarah. I have Sunday album, don’t remember which one. Really like that John Bottomley track u mentioned, need to look into that. And Swervedriver too. and Japanese breakfast also. A whole lot.
    And Aaron, thanks for that Zee Avi tip, and Dax Riggs.And cool that J. Mascis got a mention!
    John would be happy to hear that I already got the Wild Feathers st album and have that Needtobreathe live album on the way, not the fan club one. Really liked Will Hoge too. Need to learn more about him. Bunch of the albums u mentioned I already own like some Paul Lane’s, I was a fan of Danger Danger, bang bang!! Got the airborne albums, cool band. Have some Gotthard. Got some Soto albums. And Malmsteen ones.
    And Mike, I think I’ve seen that Big House album cover back in the day, maybe a review in a magazine? Got some new interesting bands on your list that sadly are probably impossible to track down like: Barstool prophets, Big House, Dc drive,
    And Harrison, cool of you to mention Baby Animals, they are so fan friendly. I haven’t got the latest album. Do u recommend it? And u got Blaze in once again. I love Silicon Messiah too.
    Here’s that McEnroe track u mentioned:

    Thank u all, had fun watching the show and reading the comments!
    I think one of my bands would have been Grapes of Wrath, but I bet u all know them over there.
    Love their Now and Again album.


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