Sunday Screening: A Cosmic Christmas (1977 Nelvana)

One of the classic Christmas specials that you never see on TV anymore is Nelvana Animation’s A Cosmic Christmas. Nelvana produced some of the greatest animation of the time, such as Rock and Rule (1983).  Nelvana even made the acclaimed Boba Fett animation that introduced the character in 1978 for the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Much like that special, A Cosmic Christmas has never been issued on DVD.  Yet it truly is a special cartoon that you have probably never seen, until now.

The first time I saw A Cosmic Christmas was probably the winter of 1977.  I saw it yearly, until it stopped running.  Why is it no longer shown?  Possibly due to a brief mention of Jesus and the star of Bethlehem?

Young Peter and his goose Lucy encounter three old wise aliens on Christmas Eve.  They’ve come to Earth to investigate the appearance of a rogue star some 2000 years ago.  (Nice attention to the speed of light!)  Peter tells them that what they have really come to learn about is Christmas:  peace, love and caring for others.  He tries to show them, but Peter has a bully named Marvin (wearing purple Paul Stanley boots!) who steals his goose.  Why did he do it?  Because he’s a bad egg?  Or just because he is hungry?

“Wait!  There is something we do not understand,” says one of the wise aliens studying human culture.  “How could someone go hungry, if this is Christmas?”

“Because we were so busy thinking about ourselves.  We never thought about other people,” answers one of the townsfolk.

Enjoy the Christmas story that brought tears to my eyes back then, and still does today.  A Cosmic Christmas.


Dedicated to SW – “A good soul”


  1. What a lovely cartoon.Thanks for sharing! Can’t help to think what a twist covid would bring to the story. Here instead of Christmas lunch for the homeless etc they are offering groceries bags to take home with which I’m sure is tons helpful but not the same as sharing a meal and spending time with others. Not sure how high the Christmas spirit is on people’s mind these days either. So many have so much to struggle with so helping others as well..huh.

    My usual holiday film is It’s a wonderful life. Usually that is shown on tv every year if not I’ve got the dvd.

    Very Merry Christmas to you and all the gang!


      1. I used a VPN for the summer of 2019, about 3 months. Enjoyed it very much. I can vouch for the usefulness. Basically you can unlock all the content for Netflix or Amazon Prime for every region of the world. Youtube as well, you name it.


  2. I remember this! But, I didn’t like it. It was the aliens – they looked evil to me. True story: I didn’t really like the Grinch growing up either. I found him scary looking. It wasn’t until my 20s when I started appreciating the story a lot more.


        1. Nah mine is in as good shape as theirs but the belts are 23 years old. They’re made of rubber and will eventually disintegrate. I need someone to put on new belts before it’s too late. Same with my Sony tape deck. I doubt those belts have a year left in them.


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