Tres Hombres talk ZZ Top Deep Cuts on the LeBrain Train

Tons of fun, both on and off topic tonight, on the LeBrain Train.  Aaron from the KMA and Kevin from Buried On Mars were on board with some killer lists of ZZ Top’s best deep cuts.  A lil’ bit of overlap but not too much!  We also read off some guest lists:  San Diego guitarist Mike Slayen, and a local Kitchener singer named Mike Mahler.  Check out their lists as well as ours!

Show time index:

Watch from the start to see the latest CD unboxing from Encore Records.

To check out the new music video by Current River called “Hodder To Hell”, skip to 0:16:45 of the stream.

The ZZ Top talk commences at 0:22:20.

At the end of the show I spun the Loudness video for “Black Widow”.  Find that at 2:32:36.  (No copyright strike, yay!)

I hope you enjoy this week’s show as much as I did!  The 2021 season is off to a great start.



  1. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a show with just you, Kevin, and Aaron, which was cool! Pretty interesting discussions and I loved every minute of it! Plus I have some ZZ Top tracks to check out. I look forward to watching next week’s show!


    1. Hahah don’t blame me! Although it truly is a shame they didn’t get much attention. Gypsy Rose had a big record deal but beyond that debut video, did nothing. I never did hear the full album. It came in that weird time when I was looking for heavier music.


  2. Such a treat that bunch of videos were on that site. Googled Gypsy Rose and looks like there’s a re-release out but it’s not being praised. And on the site it said that Steele is getting active again too. Have u heard more about that?


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