Easter Memories: Quiet Riot, GI Joe, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard & More!

Just a short show tonight, for those stuck at home this Easter weekend with nothing much else to do! Music, toys, happy memories. Lots of audio/visual aids. Great comments and audience participation.

Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath, David Lee Roth, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, and rare Japanese imports.

Bonus: Couldn’t resist playing some music so we closed with the show with Uncle Meat singing “Fairies Wear Boots” back in 1991 with Heavy Cutting. Thank you for watching!




  1. Great show Mike! I just watched beginning and what I missed on youtube. I showed up at a weird time with that video of Meat, great video by the way, and I can’t believe how much hair he had back then. I loved hearing the stories about what you got for Easter, and it’s even more astonishing that you remember what you got for Easter back in the 80s. From the Def Leppard single to the G.I. Joe tank, I loved everything you brought up. Thanks for sharing your memories Mike!

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    1. That Meat video is a real treasure! I was going to play it during the Max the Axe show but ran out of time. I will definitely play it again some time in the future when appropriate. I’m glad it was so popular!

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