Sunday Screening: Paul Laine – “Dorianna”

From his excellent solo debut Stick It In Your Ear, here is next week’s guest on the LeBrain Train: PAUL LAINE!  Thank John Snow for booking this guest as he co-hosts next week.

Not only does he still have an incredible voice still today, but he has a knack for melodic songwriting.  But not pedestrian songwriting.  His songs tend to have more complexity and attention to detail than most hard rock.  Give his first big hit “Dorianna” from 1990 a listen!




  1. Huge fan of Danger Danger here!! Cannot wait for this interview.

    Tell me Lebrain what’s up with my stereo. I often play albums on shuffle and this weekend for some reason I’m getting a lot of DP. Last night it was House of Blue light and now as I pushed play The Battle rages on came on.

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      1. was wondering about that. On Kiss kick now, not shuffle. Went from Unmasked to Monster to Hotter than Hell. All good.


  2. At first glance I thought that picture of Paul Laine in the header was a young Laura Dern. No joke.

    I’m gonna go take a shower.


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