#910: Fox on the Run

RECORD STORE TALES #910: Fox on the Run

There’s a wily fox that’s been prowling the grounds up at the lake.  This weekend I caught my first real sight of him.  I saw him twice in one day.  He has no fear of humans.  He is usually carrying prey in his mouth.  I’ve named him Reddy, after Reddy Fox from the classic children’s cartoon The Green Forest.

The first time I saw the fox, I was on the front porch rocking away as I often do.  The porch did a lot of rocking this weekend.  The star of the show was the new album by Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen.  The debut Smith/Kotzen CD is turning into an early summer favourite.  In particular, the song “Running” is quite incredible. I didn’t know how well the two very different singer/guitarists would mesh. Like cream and coffee. Glowing review to come.

Styx, Kiss, Queen, Ace Frehley, Rush, and Marillion all saw a lot of porch action this weekend. I was playing one of them when the fox ran past again, this time up close and personal. I saw a flash of red and then the movement. He was swift. He moved with the steady determination of a wild animal completely disinterested in its surroundings. He was within six feet me of when he strode past. It made a hacking sound. It did not care that I was there, nor anyone else that he galloped past on his way to wherever he was going.

On neither appearance did I have any chance of grabbing a picture. There was no way. It happened in two seconds. There only chance would have been if he walked past during the rare instances I was running my lake cam. But he never did. I know I’ll see him again. His blatant disregard for humans means he’ll be back. He wasn’t phased by the Schnauzers barking at him either. He’s like a Borg, only interested in one thing and that’s where he’s going. So long as you’re not in his way, he’s completely disinterested.   He moves swiftly with no hesitation and no pause.  It was an interesting thing to feel so completely outside of nature at that moment.

I’ve been coming to this place for almost five decades.  I missed a few summers, but a fox is a rare sighting indeed.  We’ve had plenty of rabbits, porcupine, skunks, and even a few deer and one bear.  Foxes are elusive.  Not this guy though.

I doubt I will ever be quick enough to get a picture of that fox, but I will make sure to keep my eyes open for a sighting.  At least we know he’s not afraid of the sound of music.  I have the new Styx on deck for next weekend.  Let’s see what happens.


      1. Right. Apparently the first time they worked with long-time producer Dieter Dierks, he wanted them to record German versions of two Sweet songs. In a German interview it was stated that it was some sort of trick since the publishers would get half of what the song had earned in the original version. (I don’t think that that’s right, but of course the publishers of the original would get money from the German cover version.)


        1. I am curious to know the legalities here. Can any band choose to record a song in their native tongue without permission and release the song?
          It might depend on the the laws in each country.
          I’m sure it was easier in the 1970’s than it would be today.


        2. Anyone can record a cover, or anything which has been published. Royalties must be paid, of course. (Sampling is more complicated. The sample from “Every Breath You Take” by that rap guy was done without permission, so Sting gets ALL the money from it. Yes. Several thousand a day, I think.). I remember Wolfgang Niedecken getting his translations of Bob Dylan lyrics approved, but I don’t know if that was necessary or just a courtesy.

          Then there are songs with the same tune but completely different lyrics.


        3. This is not entirely true. Helix were blocked from covering AC/DC’s Long Way to the Top, by Bud Prager. These events are documented by Brian Vollmer. The cover was recorded over a decade ago but cannot be released due to AC/DC.


        4. I wonder if it is a case of better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission.

          Any band can cover any song. Especially if they release it without asking.
          They run the risk of being sued, owing money etc.
          If they ask permission they run the risk of being denied.
          I didn’t know about the Helix situation, but it makes sense. No one thinks of anything other than AC/DC when it comes to that song and why would they want to jinx that.
          Besides, Helix is really good at covers.


        5. Cool read. That seems to be the deal. If you ask, it may not happen.
          Good on Brian and the lads for trying to do it right.
          I am off to setlist to see if they play it live. I don’t remember if they did or not.

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        6. I do not believe they play it live.

          Previous articles revealed the bassist was Mike Uzelac. It was a special No Rest for the Wicked reunion. Double shame it’s never going to be released.


        7. Not sure what a fan has to do with it? You’d have to ask Brian Vollmer the rest. I am sure he would have released the song if he was able to. Money is everything and there is a monetary investment sitting in his vault unreleased.


        1. Powwww Wowww.

          After that awful Ylvis post it reminded me of Marko so I went to Youtube. He has some old audio clips with Raymond, The Chief and even me.


      1. One late night, on a couldn’t sleep walk, I crossed paths with a fox. He saw me and ran off. As I walked further, I saw a few rabbits running in the opposite direction. I guess I spoiled the fox’s dinner.

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  1. The Green Forest! Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve seen that show. We have blue jays around here, and every time they call, I think of the jay on that show: “This is terrible! This is terrible!”

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  2. Any wild animal with that much disregard for how close it gets to people makes me wary of old age or illness in the animal. My grandfather kept a rifle on his farm for that very reason, to keep rabid animals away from the horses, etc.


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