Storytime With Ryan Williams, Studio Wiz!

Great show today!  John from 2loud2oldmusic brought on engineer/mixer/musician/songwriter Ryan Williams for storytime.  Though his credits range from pop to metal, we tended to focus our discussion on rock and roll.  If you’re a fan of Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Slayer, Staind, U2, Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Limp Bizkit, Velvet Revolver, Dave Navarro, or Kelly Clarkson then you’ll want to check this show out.

From starting out in Atlanta, to travelling the world recording epic performances, Ryan Williams has seemingly seen it all and done it all.  Recording music on a Tascam 4-track home studio, graduating to two synced 24-tracks machines, to the modern tools of today, Ryan has kept learning.  We talked about his beginnings, and working with Brendan O’Brien, all the way to the present day and the imminent release of a Stone Temple Pilots box set for Tiny Music.  Ryan even had a little bit of show and tell with some hand-written original Eddie Vedder lyrics.

Great show all around and thank you for watching.



      1. I caught that. It was cool to hear about. Not sure why the English tend to bring their own caterers. Usually the things the English do differently can be explained by the weather (such as shorter TV shows) but I can’t think of a reason behind this specific decision.

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        1. Probably cheaper. Currently in Europe, an English band has to either a) return to England after every 3 gigs or b) hire an entirely European bus/crew/gear. But it was cheaper to bring over their own people rather than hire European ones. So touring Europe is going to suck for British bands, post-Brexit. Even Pro-Brexit-Bruce Dickinson is whining about what he voted for. Anyway that’s my guess.

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        2. Yeah, Bruce has been a little off the boil lately, but in more positive Maiden news, the rumours are that there’s a new album to be revealed very soon


  1. I quite enjoyed the part I was able to catch live – I particularly liked when you asked about the Matt Nathanson introduction and the John/Ryan story that followed!


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