#921.5: All I Wanted For My Birthday Was…

I wasn’t feeling very social on my unhappy worstday.

However, rotten moods eventually fade and I thought I would try to fulfill my social obligations on Tuesday. I picked up Jen and we went to go visit my parents. They had special donuts for us and a birthday card for me.

I couple weeks ago, I was talking to someone about having the vaccine, and the province re-opening. She asked me “What kind of things are you looking forward to doing now that you are vaccinated and things are opening back up?” I have simple needs so I answered, “I’d like to go shopping at Toys R Us and a record store.” So far I’ve done one of those two things. Realizing I had a birthday coming too, I added “and I’d really like to watch TV with my dad.”

Watching television with the old man is an experience. The way he flips channels, his running commentary…I haven’t watched TV with my dad since Christmas 2019. I realized yesterday that the only birthday present that I really needed was to watch TV with my dad.

He had Pawn Stars on. I sat on the couch, and after an hour had gone by…I started to feel normal again.

A guy was selling “rare” picture discs. The Pawn Stars offered him $60 for five. I had one of the five! It was a shaped picture disc for Iron Maiden’s “The Clairvoyant”. I paid $10 for it back in 2001.

The Pawn Stars explained that the discs were not a gold mine, because picture discs have an inferior sound, which is true. Still, $60 for five discs is $12 each USD. And I only paid $10 CAD. So that’s not bad. The same guy also had “Infinite Dreams”, some Pee-Wee Herman, and a Ghostbusters disc.

It was the first time I’ve been in the same room as my parents without worrying about masks, viruses, and sanitizer. It was the first “normal” visit in a year and a half. It felt strange, and then it felt normal.

All I wanted was to watch TV with my dad for my birthday. I got what I wanted.

I feel alright.



  1. Awesome. I want to go 4 wheeling(or fishing, or both) with my dad, then have some bbq’d steaks and a few cold beers.

    As for that picture disc it’s worth around $35.

    However there are uncut, test press versions that still have the clear vinyl 12″. Those are worth around $750.

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    1. Thank you Kevin. I am sure it will be. Well, everything feels better right now. Funny how moods can be.

      I only buy picture discs if they are the only option, like Maiden’s Empire of the Clouds.

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  2. Good to hear u had a good time!

    These are really conflicting times.

    Here people are going to festivals and most are acting like everything’s normal. Bars are open.

    Meanwhile there was a Norwegian study on young adults(16-30) that said from mild covid every other person got long covid symptoms.


  3. Dude, every year my Mom makes me my birthday dinner (always the same thing) and it’s beautiful. Of course, the past while that hasn’t happened. But this year it did, and I am right there with you in that feeling. It felt like it was supposed to. And I got to hug my parents and, man, that was everything!

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