Sunday Screening: Polychuck – “Beating Myself Down”

From his just released new EP Shadows Exposed, it’s Polychuck‘s fresh video for “Beating Myself Down“! He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist, and this very different but boppin’ track is right up my alley. The guitar solo at the end will knock you on your ass.  This is a catchy, upbeat but lyrically serious tune with relatable words.  Check out “Beating Myself Down” and don’t miss Polychuck when we have him on the LeBrain Train on July 31!




  1. That’s a really catchy track, well done. It should be on the radio, but he’d need an edited version lol. How’d you hear about this guy? Is he local? That is a cool guitar solo but in the video it’s some seriously good no cord/no amps air guitar on the roof lol.

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    1. He’s from Montreal! It’s a cool story. His people contacted Deke about an interview so Deke said “Lemme talk to my pal Mike” and now we get to talk to Polychuck on Saturday!


        1. Well most of ’em have been easy but one was not and we all know who that is! Mr. No Show. But I can’t take much credit as Deke has been doing most of the work.


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