Long Live the LeBrain Train

The weekly LeBrain Train has come to an end after 18 solid months.  I’ve done what I wanted to do — keep you entertained and connected during this pandemic.  I’ve not missed a week, but my fuel tanks need refilling and now’s the time to take a break.  But not to fear — as we announced, there is an alternative.

Darr Erickson said, “What about re-running classic episodes instead of going live?”  So that’s what we’re doing!  Special and well regarded past episodes will be repeated on Friday nights at the regular time and regular place.  The shows aren’t necessarily easy to find so we’ll do the searching for you, and play the best of the best one more time.

Next week tune in for the ZZ Top Deep Cuts episode, which made many lists tonight.

Oh right, the lists!  Joined by Harrison the Mad Metal Man, we listed the Nigel Tufnel Top Ten episodes of all time.  Lists submitted by:

  • Tee Bone (x 2)
  • Rob Daniels
  • Uncle Meat (x 2) – special cameo appearance
  • John T. Snow
  • Scotty Peddle
  • and me (x 2)

We also had plenty of special features!

  • Harrison’s Top Albums He’d Save From a Fire (0:08:00)
  • Brand new Tee Bone song “Ode to Darr” (0:29:00)
  • Special Sausagefest 20 highlights & video from Uncle Meat (0:31:15)
  • Lego LeBrain Train diorama & Easter Eggs with Harrison (1:01:30)
  • Not one but two new LeBrain train intros, adding new faces

Watch the video to learn who’s who in this Lego diorama by Harrison!


Discussion in the comments was lively and made me wonder if more people are still home on a Friday night than I assumed.  I hope you enjoy next week’s repeat of the ZZ Top episode.  With Dusty’s recent passing, it will be interesting in retrospect.

And we’ll be back with Superdekes on September 24 to talk to Storm Force one more time.  Our first interview was Storm Force so it’s full circle.  Stay tuned for plenty more list and theme shows.  The ideas flowed in the comments section so there is no shortage of potential themes!

‘Til next time….



  1. Such a great episode last night! It gets an honorable mention on my list of top shows!! I didn’t expect to see the show, but plans got changed and the next thing I know I watched the whole show. It was great. And I am in for the Queen Deep Cuts show!! And Harrison, thanks for turning me in to a lego character…I am deeply humbled and thrilled!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats LeBrain on a year and a half of weekly shows – it’s been a lot of fun watching the show evolve over the last 18 months.
    And like John, it’s a honour being Lego-ized alongside drumstick Meat & puffy-shirt Aaron!
    Enjoy the weekend!


  3. Have a lovely break Mike! You’ve earned it! That was nice of Harrison to make a lego diorama of your show with the logo, guests, Rob Halford, Canadian flag, and everything! Again, I loved hearing about the early days of your livestreams because look how far you’ve come since then. Thank you for keeping us entertained during the pandemic and rock on, my friend!


  4. Listening to Blaze War within me. Bet Harrison would be glad to hear that.

    Will there be a total break or will we get more tales and reviews from now on?

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  5. Great, great show this past Friday!! Got all caught up last night. Super honoured to have been immortalized in Lego. Thank you Harrison, what an awesome tribute to the show that is. Long live the LeBrain Train.


  6. Fantastic idea. A break is well-deserved, and I like that you reserve the right to come back, haven’t shut it down completely. This series kept us all sane in quarantine. Thank you for this service!

    Love the Lego pic and the KISS pic haha fun AND unsettling!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha or puffy pirate Seinfeld shirt. Yes! It goes in order:

          Tee Bone
          John Snow
          Meat (the piece of chicken)
          Paul Laine
          Rob + cat
          Andy Curran
          Mike Fraser


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