VIDEO: Misty Weekend (with Max the Axe )

A visual supplement to Record Store Tales #944:  Mosquito Song

Playing around with faster editing to suit the musical track:  “Thirsty and Miserable”, the new Black Flag cover by Max the Axe, from the Oktoberfest Cheer EP.  Enjoy a good look at some wild (and probably poisonous) mushrooms!  Cameo by Classic Loki.




    1. You said it Geoff! However as I mentioned in a prior instalment, in real life, the Italian plumbers who helped build the cottage DID eat the mushrooms that they found…but they also knew what they were doing. And yes, Italian plumbers.

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      1. You know, it’s funny! I’m not a nature girl, but I enjoy watching the nature beauty of Canada through your videos, especially with all the trees and green grass.

        I hope you ask the band about that idea first.


        1. Oh yes Max is psyched for the idea of a video for Oktoberfest Cheer
          … this time I’ll let him view the cut before I publish it though! I’m fortunate that Max generally enjoys my work.

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