Sunday Screening: Techmoan’s Mitsubishi TX-L50

This average looking boom box has a notable feature that you’ve never seen before on a machine of this class.  It can play up to five cassettes (both A and B sides) continuously in a clever drawer design.  If you were using 120 minute tapes, you could hit “play” and have 10 hours of continuous music.  I’ll let Techmoan show you the clever feature; enjoy.



  1. U had that growing up? WOW! Never seen anything like that back in the cassette days. Did u have a system playing the cassettes? Did some of them just stay in the player or did u change them all at once or how did it go?

    I have 5 disc cd charger. There’s some weird combinations at times. LIke now there’s Kiss, Elton John and Eagles in the player. The other 2 slots get changed a lot.

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