Happy New Year! 2022 Begins on the LeBrain Train

Thanks for dropping in and celebrating!  This 3+ hour show was brought to you by the following familiar faces:

A success all around as we took a look at the new Judas Priest box set, showed off our Christmas hauls, and talked about our favourite moments in 2021.  We got an update from Tim Durling on his forthcoming book Unspooled and heard a brand new Tee Bone song.  He now has enough for a whole album!  We also had some unreleased Uncle Meat music and some favourite clips from past shows.

Happy new year everyone!



  1. Hey thanks for having me on. Sorry I had to be brief, but we had family fun stuffs going on here with the kids! They did manage to make it to midnight this year, and easily too. They’re getting older for sure. Cheers everyone! Happy New year!


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