7 Inches: LeBrain’s Singles Collection Show

Tons of fun tonight as I went through my two boxes of 7″ singles!  Some dated back to the 1970s (“Smoke on the Water”, “Christine Sixteen”).   A large number (Def Leppard!) came from my vinyl collecting days in the 80s.  Most are from the 1990s to present.

This was, truthfully, one of the most fun shows ever for me!  I got to rediscover a bunch of records that I haven’t looked at in a long time, and show them all to you!  This is 98% of my 7″ singles collection, not including records that came inside box sets or magazines, which are filed in different places.  This is simply the contents of two boxes of my records, and it took a solid 90 minutes to get through them all!

There was also a special unboxing from Aaron, and some mail from Sean Kelly!  What?!  Check them out below on the LeBrain Train!




  1. Huh, weird! The video for the 7″ single show isn’t available. It’s not even on your YouTube page. But, I still enjoyed the show and I’m glad you enjoyed going through records you haven’t looked at in a long time. There was a lot of stuff that I didn’t know existed!

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  2. Oh maaaaan I didn’t put together that it was that Marillion you already had!!! You know, you have the receipt you could take it back to your Sunrise? And you already had the Queensryche too! LOL it’s funny I usually send you stuff you don’t already have and this is already two strikes! And the Blackmore, I dunno if it’s any good. I just saw the name and thought “Mike!” so 11 months is acceptable to wait. :)

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    1. In my haste…it appears I have thrown out the receipt.

      God damn.

      Thanks though. Totally my fault, and I really should have been more careful in every regard. I’ll make sure it finds a home.


  3. Also, I like that the first 45 you pull up is SLOOOO-OOOOAAAAANN!!! xcellent.

    Also, that’s a sweet gift from Sean Kelly. Jealous you got the new Trapper. I only have the one CD here. I have a thing for Emm, true story lol.

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