#971: Facebook Memories

RECORD STORE TALES #971: Facebook Memories

While I’m sure that “Facebook Memories” are Zucking up my brain in some way, in this brave new Metaverse…I kinda like them.

For those of you who prefer to stay out of the Metaverse or social media in general, “Facebook Memories” are a daily feature that shows you what you posted in the years prior.  While not every day is solid gold, I find that most days have at least one cool memory that I would want to post again.  Something funny, something cool…occasionally something sad.

The early years of Facebook memories seem to be nothing but me posting what I’m currently “rockin’ to”.  Dear God there were a lot of those “rockin’ to” posts.  Interesting nonetheless especially when I happen to be rockin’ to the same artist on the same day years later.  There were also a lot of early video blogs that were not very good (but were very young).  In that tradition, as I write this now I’m rockin’ to Slash Puppet’s Studs & Gems.

I didn’t start using Facebook on a regular basis until 2012 when I launched this site.  I found that most of my hits were coming from that platform, but not Twitter, so I made a choice and stuck with it.  Memories start picking up in 2012.

In the winter months, I see a lot of complaints about driving conditions.

Frequent memories of co-workers pranking my office.

In 2016-2017, nearly daily postings about the shenanigans of one Donald J. Trump.

In January, with memories from different years, it seemed like I was constantly sick.  The flu, the man-cold, whatever.  And it also appears that each time it was the “worst one ever”.  This does not bode well for the next time I get sick.

Also in January, in the year 2018, come the bad memories.

But I still want to remember them.  Not necessarily first thing in the morning with my first Nespresso, but I do want to see them.  I don’t want the minutia lost.  Maybe I won’t always feel that way, but I won’t deny that we are still grieving.  And it helps the grieving process to see some of these old electronic thoughts.

Of course, this means Zuck knows my entire life story for the last decade-plus, but so do you.  I made a choice a long time ago to write personal shit in public.  At the end of the day I don’t think I’m interesting enough to attract unwanted attention, and what’s done is done.  While the Metaverse expands I may have regrets, but at present I’ve made some friends doing what I do.  I’ll take it as a win.



NOTE:  The LeBrain Train will be on Saturday night rather than Friday!


  1. Oh yeah, I get those Facebook memories too! I usually cringe at them because they’re from my time in high school, lol. But also, I think it’s cool that seeing your own Facebook memories can help with the grieving process for past experiences. I guess it’s all based on how you look at it.

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  2. “For those of you who prefer to stay out of the Metaverse or social media in general.”

    My ego is satiated when you refer to me in posts, even indirectly!

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  3. I’m on Facebook for the site mostly as you will see I don’ post a ton on my personal page and if I do it is usually promoting the site. The last 4-5 years on Facebook have sucked as we have learned a lot about which one of our so called Facebook friends are actually idiots!!!

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  4. I’ve used FB memories as a way to delete a lot of the cringe crap I posted many years ago. It’s kind of odd to see one platform stick around so long, though I’ve found its usefulness to me fade recently.

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    1. Right? I was on Friendster, and then MySpace, and now FB for over a decade.

      I have found FB to be indispensable to finding an audience. On Wednesday I had over 500 hits from FB alone. They are coming to find my content on Sarge. Sometimes, something I wrote will go viral on FB and I’ll get 100 hits from one post. And then when I started live streaming, my entire audience was initially FB. I would guess that more than half of each live show is viewed by FB people today.

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  5. With the memories, I remember at one point (perhaps they still do), Facebook did monthly recaps. And so I’d get these memory summaries where it would be only the Sunday Quiz photo repeated as a collage – and it would bring a smile, as perhaps the only thing better than 1 Sarca logo is a collage of Sarca logos!


  6. It’s cool to have those records, though they are on a hard drive somewhere forever, even if you wanted them deleted. I never signed up, as you know, but I can see how this stuff is cool.


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