REVIEW: Ghost – “Hunter’s Moon” (2022 7″ single)

GHOST – “Hunter’s Moon” (2022 Loma Vista 7″ single)

The new Ghost album Impera is almost upon us!  (March 11.)  The group’s sound has changed from album to album, progressing from a gothic metal band with a foot in the past, to something more perversely pop.  Their last album 2018’s Prequelle, pushed further in that direction, with at least one song (“Danse Macabre”) sounding like a keyboard-drenched rock single from back in ’86.  So who knows what we will get this time out?

The single “Hunter’s Moon” from the film Halloween Kills might be a clue. The single version does not appear in the film, but a much more elaborate mix runs during the end credits.  Presumably, the single version will be on Impera as well.

The beat is strong, and the melody is prominent.  The chorus is a little more old-school Ghost, so perhaps the album will be a hybrid of styles.  There’s a cool guitar line and the usual idiosyncratic Tobias Forge vocals.  It sounds like latter-day Ghost with a little of the early thump, and one particularly Sabbathy guitar bend.  Plenty pop, plenty gothic.  Good song though not up there with “Rats” or “Danse Macabre”.

According to Max the Axe:  “All the neat metal tricks save it from being a simple pop song, and transcends it to hook-laden heavy rock.  Lots of breaks and dynamics.”

On the B-side is the Halloween Kills main title theme by John Carpenter.  It’s a variation on the familiar, iconic Halloween piano theme, bare with synth and choir.  A very nice add-on to this cool single.

3.5/5 stars


    1. He’s really clever. I saw an interview with him where he said the first Ghost album was supposed to sound like an older band that formed in the 1960s. He really goes deep into the conceptual side.


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