VIDEO: May 13-15 Weekend / Max the Axe “Space Marine”

Amazing weekend at the lake once again, and you can see it all right now, to the tune of “Space Marine” by Max the Axe from Trillion Dollar Threats!  This short metallic blitz of a song is a condensed and concentrated rewrite of “Hard Drive” from their 1995 EP Bodies of Water.  It’s a fantastic tune from Max with another killer riff.

This year represents the earliest “first swim of the year” on May 13, a record.  A sign of a hot summer to come.

In this video you will see my new Fender acoustic bass.  This originally belonged to Don Simmons of Helix and I am fortunate enough to have bought it from his sister Donna.  This will provide many hours of summer entertaining at the cottage as I slowly become acquainted with this lovely instrument.  Tomorrow you’ll get the full story of the weekend in Record Store Tales #987:  The Summer Awakens.



  1. For us newer fans, the idea of Max the Axe going for some science fiction songs on the new album seems like an interesting idea. One listen to Trillion Dollar Threats later told me he’s already quite familiar with the topic.

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        1. Haha! He seems to be doing alright though regardless. But you can manage Tee Bone, as you sort of already do. I hear the merchandising deals are coming along nicely. And the series is doing well also. I hear a second and third season may be commissioned.

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        2. Ah yes, better keep that one on the down low for the moment. I hope Kevin doesn’t read this. Anyway, in more productive Tee Bone news, I’ve started the pre-production for Tee Bone Man Chapter 5 images, and I think I might have my piece de resistance here.

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