WTF Search Terms: Back to the Classics edition

WTF SEARCH TERMS: Back to the Classics

It has been well over a year since our last instalment of WTF Search Terms, collections of left-field searches that actually somehow led people to this site.  We are well overdue for a new one, and for this edition, we are going back to the classic formula that made the series popular in the first place.  Dirty, dirty things!  Some people out there have dirty minds indeed, so have a look and see what they are looking for on the internet!  They didn’t find ’em here, I assure you!

  • xxx.ladano

I hate to disappoint all my fans, but my career in porn failed to launch.  You will not find any xxx videos of me on the internet.  Sorry if this is a letdown to you.

  • fuck me good niw

I’m gonna pass on this offer, but thanks for thinking of me.

Somebody searched for that, and they clicked on my site.  No idea how that happens.

  • pornon cumfm com.

No, no, no, just all kinds of no.  (Cum FM, is that a radio station?)

  • japanxxx

This is not the kind of Japanese import that I’m looking for.

  • ted 2 feet gif

Based on past search terms, we do get some foot fetishists here from time to time.  My Ted 2 review does have a feature image of Amanda Seyfried with no shoes on.  I guess this guy got lucky!  (The word “feet” does not appear in the review, but occurs once in the comments section, so this guy really did get lucky this time.)

  • boy peeing video

No, no, N fucking O!

  • girls peeing in trough

Jesus H. Murphy.  We do get searches for this from time to time.  I don’t wanna see it.  Is this the ultimate ODP?

  • but the big one that comes in

No necessarily pornographic, but you sure could read it that way.  I think this possibly connected to my AC/DC box set review.

  • mary wiseman porn

Of all the actors on Star Trek: Discovery, I only get searches for Mary Wiseman.  Sometimes it’s her ass, sometimes it’s somebody searching for her IMDB.  I have no idea why they’d click on me while searching for Mary Wiseman’s IMDB, but it happens.  According to her IMDB, Mary Wiseman has never done porn.  Next!

  • ponobgy

OK I got nothing.  Thanks for joining me for this year’s instalment of WTF Search Terms!




  1. Maybe xxx.ladano is people searching for another Ladano. If you ever see a result for cabbage foreplay, that’s probably me looking for images of Harrison committing unspeakable acts in the produce aisle.

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