Sunday Screening: Tim’s Vinyl Confessions – Tim and Mike discuss Freedom by Journey

Tim Durling approached me about doing this Journey show…six months ago?  A year?  Two years?  We have been waiting for this Journey album a long time, and a rocky ride it has been.  Does this album live up to the hype?  Tim and I are remarkably alligned on the new Journey album Freedom.  Dig in.

My text review of Journey Freedom can be found by clicking here.


  1. Great show. I watched it last night and now I have to hear this again as you both loved it (although both huge fans so a little biased…only a little). I thought it was hilarious when you both had written down basically the same line on several songs.

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    1. LOL Tim and I always do that. When we were setting up the tapings, we were literally messaging each other at the exact same time, “I’m ready to go just need a coffee”. LOL. And let’s not forget Soundtrack From the Video Historia.


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