Sunday Chuckle Screening: Idiot Burns $100 of Statues Before Googling

Like the title says.

These statues haunted my nightmares as a kid.  My parents left them in the firewood to burn.  I took the nightmare fuel and burned them.  Then Facebook informed me of their value.



  1. I never burn anything with chemicals over a fire. Plastic, paint, varnish, stain, pressure treated wood etc.
    I don’t want those chemicals in the pit if we do hotdogs or marshmallows over the fire, even at a later date.

    I get the sentiment though. If it creeped you out, it was cathartic watching them burn.

    I had that same feeling when I put my cousins Abba cd in the microwave and watched it spark.
    I didn’t feel very good when I had to actually go to the store later and actually spend money on a replacement Abba cd though.

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        1. LOL well it’s a long story but that fireplace that I use to incinerate stuff, there used to be a cottage there. There was a white log cabin between my sister’s place and us. My dad bought it as a rental property in 1987. We tore it down around 2002. The roof was finished and the cottage itself wasn’t worth repairing. So now we have a grassy vacant lot with a fireplace, in between my sister’s place and ours. The fireplace was kind of abandoned but I started using it in 2020.

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        2. I am glad you and your family are close.
          I was at a cousins place last week in Muskoka.
          His brothers have a place next door but he doesn’t get along with them.
          I just find it sad.

          So you’re are saying there is an empty lot I can park my trailer on, plug into your hydro and use your water hose. Got it.
          See you next weekend neighbour.


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        3. My dad and I have set up a “sooner barrier” so no one can park on that property without running over several large logs. The neighbor across the street likes to party. He’s already built his driveway on our property, which I don’t know why my dad tolerates it. So he can’t have that vacant lot too.


        1. My mom said she doesn’t care about the value, but I have been feeling so weird about it, I have been considering buying new ones on eBay. I don’t know why. Those statues were ALWAYS THERE. My sister and I looked at them ALL THE TIME.

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        2. Good question. I have not thought about them in 20 years, and my mom obviously didn’t care of them having any value. She threw them on the wood pile and I burned them! It was Facebook who thought to look up the value when I posted the pictures.

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