Sheik Week Day 5: Ending Sheik Week With Hilarious Tweets

Thanks for joining me this week for Sheik Week, a collection of the Iron Sheik’s funniest tweets.  Reader Brian Richards said “hell yeah!” when I suggested this as a week of “filler” posts.  Unless you’re a jabroni, then you have enjoyed these past five days of the Sheik’s most hilarious tweets.  From song lyrics to current events to pop culture, the Shiek has capslock commentary on them all.  Follow the Sheik on Twitter and check out some of his classic WWF matches.


Less than a year after the cocaine incident with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the WWF deemed the public’s memory short and the Sheik made a triumphant return defeating “jobbers” (the guys who always lose to the bigger names).  He bounced around other wrestling organizations, came back to the WWF in 1991, and then wrestled the independent circuit for almost a decade.  Today he enjoys a pop culture status as a minor icon.  In 2013 he challenged then-Toronto mayor Rob Ford to a match.  Both men were caught doing cocaine during their professional careers.  He has even appeared on the Canadian television program Kenny Vs. Spenny, attempting to sodomize Spenny with a bottle when he mentioned Hulk Hogan as one of his favourite wrestlers.  We love ya Sheiky!

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