Sunday Chuckle: Noisy Neighbors

People are complaining about the noise coming from the party people in 316.  Looks like they had a good time again last night!


        1. Hopefully the same as it will end for these jackasses. Neighbors are complaining several times a week about the noise. Complicating things, just beneath them is a nearly-deaf guy who cranks his TV all night and falls asleep. I’m glad I’m on the opposite side of the building.


        2. Yeah for our dumbnut neighbour, I tried talking nicely to that idiot next door. Twice. It didn’t work. For your neighbours, all it takes is a strong building manager with no uncertain terms for them.

          Or, and this is the best, a city police by-law officer. One thing that helped is knowing the city by-law and having it handy. It’ll be on your city’s web site. Most people assume (and I know these idiots run later) that it’s “fine as long as it’s before 11pm.” Same goes for animal noise, construction noise, all of it. But actually the opposite is usually true. Here in my town it’s pretty strict, and I’ll bet it’s the same in your town. The nice thing about involving the by-law office is that they are actually cops as well, and if they get repeated reports about noise from an address, especially after they have already attended said address to tell them to knock it off, it escalates quickly and it all goes on official record.

          We had a neighbour behind us with a beagle that was left alone all the time. That’s a pack animal, so it was lonely already, and it howled all the time, at all hours, with no people around. Many neighbours called animal control AND the cops until eventually that owner ended up in court. No one was mad at the dog at all, it was neglected and its behaviour was understandable. But that person got into huge trouble. We learned: A campaign among neighbours helps. Get them all to call. Space them out a bit, as multiple calls on one incident get a “we’re already handling it” response from the cops and not all calls are recorded. But if it’s seen that multiple people have the same issue at different times, it significantly adds to the case and it all goes on record. But I’d say do it quickly, as it’s impossible to evict someone, if it’s going to come to that, in winter.


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