#1018: Surfing the October Colours (Cottage Video)

Surfing the October Colours (Cottage Video)


The last cottage weekend before closing was totally maxed out!  And I don’t mean Max the Axe!

Life is too short.  It must be lived to the fullest.  When you and I first met here at mikeladano.com, I was 10 years younger.  Spending four hours on a Saturday pounding words into a keyboard was nothing back then.  Today I’d rather be experiencing life.  So that’s what we did.  From music to food to photography, we enjoyed our last weekend at the cottage before closing, to the max!

The music for the road was top notch.  Ghost’s new album Impera received another spin.  It’s as good as the day it was released.  Then while hanging out in the “G” folder, we rocked out George Lynch’s debut solo album, Sacred Grooves.  Better than any of the Lynch Mob albums.  It also enabled me to teach Jen a little bit about the mighty Glenn Hughes.  His struggles and triumphs.  On the road home, we rocked David Lee Roth’s Eat ‘Em and Smile and Your Filthy Little Mouth.  A pretty solid selection of guitar rock.

The fall colours were spectacular.  Orange, yellow, deep maroon.  As you are all well aware, I am not usually a “fall guy”.  This year has been a little different.  I have a friend in California who finds all this Canadian weather beautiful and fascinating.  For her, I enjoyed documenting the weekend with video tours and personal messages.  It totally made this fall weekend a different experience for me.  It was like seeing the place through new eyes.  And this is now going to be part of my wellness plan for winter.  She wants me to continue sending her fun videos and pictures of the Canadian landscape during the snowy months.  I checked my phone — do you know how many pictures of snow I had from past winters?  Two.  TWO.  I have photos on my phone going back to 2014, and I only have two with snow in them.  With her enthusiasm and encouragement, I’m going to have fun documenting the winter of 2022-2023!  I’ve never had this before — a friend in a sunny climate who has requested Canadian snow videos!  On the condition that I stay safe and don’t crash my car or break my neck!  This gives me a whole new project to do this winter, that I never had before.  I feel very positive about going into the cold, dark winter months.

I’m recovering well from my dental surgery and ate two steaks this weekend!  They were awesome!  As were all the fish and mushrooms I cooked up.  No A5 wagyu in stock at the butcher’s shop though.  That will have to wait until next year, I suppose.

We did something else different that we haven’t done in recent years.  We went into town!  I took some video of the big waves, a daring surfer, and some quaint streets.  Something new for this video.

Please enjoy this last cottage video before we close — all to the music of Tee Bone Erickson and Max the Axe!



    1. I’d have commented, but I was sick last night. I’ll say I’m glad you found a project to help you enjoy the cooler weather more, and that California is good for something again.

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        1. You can send me pictures of Canadian snow. And I can send you pictures of American snow since I’m not in a hot climate and it’s supposed to be a bad winter. We had our first freeze the other night.

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