#1021: Closing Time! Last Cottage Video of 2022

RECORD STORE TALES #1021: Closing Time! Last Cottage Video of 2022

Jen and I were Highway Stars! Rocking to Deep Purple, live in Copenhagen 1972, we reveled in the joys of jamming, intense improvisation, and hard rock and roll. The perfect accompaniment to our last cottage road trip of 2022. Before we knew it we had arrived at our destination. It may look a little different in the fall, but there is still no place I’d rather spend my weekend.

There was a different kind of beauty this time.  Fewer leaves, fewer animals.  You could see through the trees, a feeling I was not used to, especially when partaking in the O.D.P. (Out Door Piss).  When we were kids, we never made it to the lake in November nor did we want to.  It was always far too cold and the snow would have started.  Not anymore.

It was unseasonably warm, and within minutes I was in short sleeves and short pants again, just as I was all summer. This is November? I set up on the front porch with more Deep Purple, Ozzy, Dio, and Black Sabbath. It was an utterly brilliant day of rocking the shores of Lake Huron.  Then on the Friday night, we went live with the Mad Metal Man and the second episode of Grab A Stack of Rock.  A brilliant way to end the season.

Our weekend was quiet and fun, including lots of outdoor rock and roll with board games, a dinner at Boston Pizza (since the barbecue is packed up for the winter) and even a step into Lake Huron.  A first for the month of November!  We drove home to the music of Black Sabbath (Dehumanizer and Cross Purposes) to put the final nail in the coffin of 2022’s cottage season.  For me personally, since this season stretched from late April to early November, it was one of the longest seasons, if not the longest ever.  And it couldn’t have gone any better!  2022 was a triumphant season in virtually every way, and we sure did enjoy it.


My dad found the end of this video a tad too emotional!  We all miss the place and hate leaving!



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