Grabbing Stacks of Japanese Imports with Mike, Harrison and John T Snow!

Super special guest John Snow showed up tonight with a stack of Japanese imports!  Jeff Scott Soto, Danger Danger, Firehouse and more!  Harrison also brought some Japanese action along with some assorted musical treats.  I showed off some big Thin Lizzy and Kiss imports from Japan, and random stacks of whatever happened to be lying nearby.  And when I say random, I do mean random!

We also took viewer questions for Harrison about his home country of Australia.  If popular, this will become a regular feature of the show.

Grab a stack of CDs below and enjoy the show!



  1. Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing! Want those BJ ones.

    I went to couple of records stores today that sell used cd’s as well.
    Got Fish: Raingods with Zippos, Jeff Scott Soto: Beautiful Mess and something called Gemini Five:Black:Anthem.


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