Youtubin’: PS Audio – Does the CD layer of an SACD sound better?

Paul McGowan is back with another question I’ve always wondered about.  Audiophile customers at the Record Store would claim that the CD layer of Super Audio CDs sounded better than a regular CD.  That didn’t seem likely or even possible.  Paul clears it up here, and I’m not surprised at all.



  1. I’m picky about audio quality, but I hate audiophiles and their snake oil nonsense. My favorite bullshit claim is the ones who say that CDs made in Japan sound better than CDs made in the States, even when they have IDENTICAL masterings when you look at them on a computer. The extra $20 bucks for the Japanese discs must make the identical 1s and 0s sound better.

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    1. I used to tell people, the 1’s are no straighter and the 0’s no rounder.

      They supposedly use better techniques in Japan and superior materials, but that’s more stuff that comes into play with long-term life of the disc.

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  2. Japanese vinyl was always virgin, their plants cleaner and their quality control higher. Plus they had an obi.
    As for their cd’s it is the packaging, obi, booklets, sometimes unique album art, and bonus tracks that draw me in.
    Sometimes the mastering is better, so that may account for better sound.
    Sometimes the placebo affect of spending a lot on a product makes one feel like it must be better sounding.


  3. I might do some how-to posts on audio.
    I have a bunch of tips on how to get better sound out of your system for cheap.
    SACD isn’t only for the rich. You don’t need to spend 5 grand on a player.


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