PS Audio

Youtubin’: PS Audio – Does the CD layer of an SACD sound better?

Paul McGowan is back with another question I’ve always wondered about.  Audiophile customers at the Record Store would claim that the CD layer of Super Audio CDs sounded better than a regular CD.  That didn’t seem likely or even possible.  Paul clears it up here, and I’m not surprised at all.

Youtubin’: PS Audio – PS Audio’s new CD player

Paul McGowan, co-founder and CEO of PS Audio, is a genius when it comes to audiophile-level sound and equipment.  99% of what he talks about is far beyond my understand and/or budget.  (PS Audio’s new FR-30 loudspeakers run about $30 grand USD a pair.)  However, Paul is so personable and knowledgeable, that I recommend his videos to non-audiophile peasants like myself.  He answers fan questions every day, and offers tours of the PS Audio listening rooms. In this video, Paul reveals that PS Audio are planning a new CD player for 2023 or 2024. The current “parts pandemic” is a very real thing and he goes into detail on the problems this causes. Fascinating guy, interesting video.