Instaspam 2

“Alaye” is a code word in the scam community, meaning “powerful person”.  Instagram scammers from Nigeria use it to identify themselves to one another.  In the screenshot below you can see one person throw the word at me, and when I responded with the same, they admitted they’re a hustler.  This is the second such admission I received when using the code word.

You might also see a couple other words I used.

Stay safe online folks!


  1. In the U.S. we get a lot of spam from people pretending to be young pretty Asian women asking you to invest in cryptocurrency. They always contact you by “accident” and then say it “must be fate” that you met.

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    1. Funny enough one of these scammers tried again 30 minutes ago. They always ask, “Where are you from?” I have my Instagram littered with Canadian flags just for this purpose. I called them a fucking idiot lol. My last Instagram post from yesterday was a goddamn article about the anniversary of the Maple Leaf (which was yesterday)!

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