Insta Illuminati!

I continue to get the weirdest shit on Instagram.

This is for Holen.


My Great Works

Instagram spambots are the weirdest thing.  Unlike most people, I like responding to my spam.  I find it entertaining.  The spam below was in response to yesterday’s post about being “Cool”.

My response about my “great works” generated even more comments from spambots, advising me that the $30,000 was real.  But the weirdest one arrived by private message below.  So fucking weird.

The best comment came from Marco of the Contrarians who does a dead-perfect spambot impersonation:

you’ve been ingeniously living an incredible time , I’m certain you will continue on your path of success with much courageous. Message her to find out more about longevity and find out more

Cheers for the laugh Marco!

Sunday Chuckle: F’in bird!

Do you hate birds?  Dr. Sheldon Cooper isn’t a fan.  I saw this on the back of a delivery truck the other day, and couldn’t help but think that these icons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram spell out “f’in bird”!