#1057: “To Each Their Own!” – The P*ss Blanket Story

RECORD STORE TALES #1057: “To Each Their Own!” – The Piss Blanket Story

Guilty as charged.  I was filming a dumpster diver.

I was leaving for work Friday morning when I saw this guy picking through the bottles in recycling, as they often do.  He was soon joined by a second guy, and they tore through the recycling looking for anything of value.  When the second guy jumped into the dumpster, I couldn’t resist.  The bad part of me wanted a video, so I shot a little bit of video and then pocketed my phone again.

I watched as the guy found a box with a deep fryer in it, but then my jaw dropped as I saw him liberate a large, white blanket….

[continued in video]

As I drove off, I saw the two guys riding the bikes, with the one fellow clutching the piss blanket holding his precious deep fryer.

Weird Friday.


    1. Jex was saying he enjoyed my early story-telling videos when I had more production values. He thinks I should do more like that, but with modern cameras for better quality. I think it could happen this summer at the lake.


  1. I am so thankful for the way my life has turned out.
    If I had an addiction, or mental issues, or lost my job/house that could be me dumpster diving and not giving a f*ck. I am quite sure he actually does not have the ability to give a f*ck.
    It’s still below freezing at night, so sleeping outside may not give him the benefit of picking and choosing what keeps him warm enough to survive. It’s sad really.

    On a side note, I am curious how he would plug in a deep fryer if he is homeless. Maybe grabbed it to pawn it.


      1. Ok. I imagine someone in that position is immune to the smell of urine as they themselves probably reek of it.
        Either way it sucks what people have to resort to.

        Probably a reason the deep fryer was in there too. Even if he has hydro, it probably doesn’t work.

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