#1059: Dear D



Nine years ago, after the explosive finale of Record Store Tales where I revealed why I quit for the very first time, the fallout was pretty epic.  I had to end two friendships over it.  One of them sent me an email about it all, that I never read until today.  I was searching through my old email address, looking for unpublished Record Store Tales that I could use for something.  Boy did I find one.

The sender said that I wasn’t allowed to use his email for story content, so I’ll paraphrase.

This former Record Store employee seemed to be primarily upset about the fact that I wasn’t cool with the Record Store demanding that I keep my personal cell phone on 24/7.  I spoke to a lawyer; they can’t do that.  It’s funny how upset these guys were about that.  “Oh, your boss that you hated always kept her cell phone on 24/7.”  Yeah.  Because it was her work phone.  She didn’t pay for it.  She had to keep it on.  It was for work.  My phone was for getting lost on road trips into the GTA.  Came in handy a lot for that.

This sender also engaged in some one-upmanship.  “Oh if you think you had it bad, you should see what I see in my current field of work.”

Never was a competition, dude.  Although he seemed to like to make it one in a lot of his past comments.

“Oh wow, you had an alarm company call you at night?  I had one call me three times in one night.”

That kind of thing.  Competitive.

He loses all credibility by referring to Spoogecakes’ legendary hateful comment as as “constructive feedback”.  You be the judge.  Seriously?  Biased much?  No grip on reality?  If I had been the one to send that “feedback”, you’d be singing a different tune, Bub.

My nine-year belated response:


Hi D!  Long time no chat.  It appears that nine years ago, you sent me this email that I never read.  I stumbled upon it just now.

I can’t help but notice that both you and your buddy ignored the fact that my cell phone was my own personal phone, nothing to do with the Store, paid for by me, for my own personal use.  As you know, an employer can’t suddenly demand that you keep a personal cell phone on 24/7.  If I did not tell anyone that I had a cell phone, nobody could have called it, and nothing could have been done about it.  It would have been my personal secret.  The manager of our biggest store, Joe, did not have a cell phone at all, as you well know.  Why was that OK for him, but I had to leave my personal phone on 24/7?

You know all this because you’re an expert on such matters.  You didn’t have to consult a lawyer on such things, like I did.

It’s funny that both of you ignored that unethical behaviour from our old boss.  Wouldn’t have anything to do with her being your friend, would it?  She was at your wedding, as I recall.  Both you and your buddy’s weddings, in fact.  You wouldn’t have a bias here, would you?

Hope you’re well,


“Write a letter, you’ll feel better”



        1. I guess I don’t understand how a burner phone would have helped either. I should have never shared the fact that I owned a phone. Nothing they could have done about it.

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        2. I didn’t read the story yet, I was just replying to your comment on Deke’s comment. So I have no idea if a burner would have helped in your situation, because I don’t know what the situation was. I’m off to read it now!

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        3. LOL. Well here’s the thing. He wasn’t really a dick. We disagreed about this one thing. And I have no idea why it mattered to him so much. Why? Why does he care why I quit? Why does he care who I blame? It has nothing to do with him — oh wait, I forgot — they were friendsies!

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        4. If he was impotent, then it makes even more sense. Maybe he wanted to be more than friends with her, but she kept laughing at his limp noodle.

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        5. You know what would be interesting? If our dicks made kazoo sounds when we ejaculated. That way we could mic up our dicks, but keep the mic at a distance that it won’t get drenched.

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        6. I read the post now. It wouldn’t have helped. But if you need to engage in something seedy, you know what to do.

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