Grab A Stack Update

I’m not happy to have to address this, because she’s been a big part of Grab A Stack of Rock for many months.  People are going to notice if she’s not around this summer as we planned, and it was noticed that she missed her usual time slot last week.  It is tremendously unfortunate for me to say that MarriedAndHeels will be focusing on her own content and she will not be on Grab A Stack this summer as we planned.

Grab A Stack of Rock will continue, but without this frequent co-host, it just doesn’t feel the same.  One of the reasons I started doing live streams again was the chance to work with MarriedAndHeels.  We had amazing creative chemistry from day one.  The great work we did together is the proof.

The California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels always advised me to have hope in life, but it seems unlikely that this will change.  I’ll always be grateful for what we accomplished and all the support she gave me.

This is one of her favourite songs.  Thank you to the California Girl for everything.








Good Friday Fun with Married And Heels, Mike & Jex! Lego, Music, Heels, Shirts & More!

It was a delight and a privilege to be able to spend my Good Friday with Jex’s Vinyl World and MarriedAndHeels this year!  Spring has sprung and this is what we brought you for your Easter weekend:

  • Cute Easter manicure on the California Girl.
  • New Marvel Lego sets – hot off the presses.
  • Music unboxings from Tim Durling.
  • Movie reviews:  Avatar 2 & Ant Man 3
  • Anticipating Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Running a marathon & Jex’s mission.
  • Cottage season & wildlife.
  • Dave Lizmi’s opinion on Night Ranger and “Sister Christian”.
  • A secret that Mike reveals for the first time.
  • Edie Van Heelin’ & Tee Bone Man.
  • Coming up on the Distortion Den.
  • New heels!  Custom designed by Married & Heels herself, and a killer pair of silver boots.
  • New shirts!  Tim’s Vinyl Confessions and Grab A Stack of Rock!

Thank you Jex and California Girl for a wonderful Good Friday loaded with friendship, stories and fun.

Store address:


Rock, Lego & Heels, Oh My! MarriedAndHeels, Mike & Jex Rock Your Good Friday!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike, Jex, and the California Girl
Episode 17:  Rocking Good Friday

All apologies!  There haven’t been too many live shows this brutal winter.  However, the California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels has been a consistent ray of sunshine this season and she’s back to co-host this Good Friday special!  This is, in fact, her fifth appearance on the show in 2023!

She doesn’t have to do this…she gets far more views and interaction on her own without me.  I cannot express how flattered I am that she actually wants to do our little show with us.

Joining us will be Jex Russell from Jex’s Vinyl World.  Together, we plan on tackling the following subjects:

  • New arrivals – unboxings from Tim Durling!
  • Brand new Lego sets at the MarriedAndHeels residence.
  • New Tim’s Vinyl Confessions shirts.
  • Movie talk.
  • Running a marathon.
  • Social media tips.
  • Edie Van Heelin’.
  • Surprises.
  • …and of course, lots of high heels!

Friday Apr 7 at 3:00 P.M. E.S.T. / 4:00 P.M. Atlantic, & 12:00 Noon Pacific. Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook!

SHOCKER! MarriedAndHeels becomes MarriedAndCrocs!

NEWS:  In a shocking turn of events, my good friend Married And Heels has now seen the light, and become Married And Crocs!

She has a large order of Croclights and Jibbets on the way, according to my sources.  Her husband is currently converting the famed Shoe Shed into a Croc Shed.  You read it here first, folks.  Photographic evidence below.  Please note that she wears them with the heel strap forward; I believe this is called “California style”.



Grab A Stack of Durling Discs! Mike, John, Rob, Jex and surprise guest MarriedAndHeels rock your Friday

Last night was a bounty of success, except for poor Mr. Jex, who suffered from wi-fi issues all night.  Thank you to Jexciter for showing up and playing along!  Rob Daniels, John T. Snow, and special surprise guest MarriedAndHeels all joined in last night for a casual chat!

We successfully streamed to Rob’s Facebook, and the 2loud2oldmusic & Jex’s Vinyl World pages!  This will help us reach more viewers in the future.

Unfortunately, Tim Durling could not join us, which is a real shame since he was responsible for two of the albums I unboxed, both Japanese imports.

John had some rare Whitesnake and Bon Jovi to show us, Rob had a book and a Helix-related soundtrack, and Jex some Judas Priest and monster movies.

The California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels showed us her new Nike’s that took her on a 12.5 mile run earlier this week!

We had a lively discussion about Richie Sambora/Bon Jovi, Kiss’ Farewell Tour, Star Wars and a myriad of topics!

Thanks for watching, and if you haven’t, then please give it a watch below!

Have you caught all three MarriedAndHeels episodes on Grab A Stack of Rock?

Dear readers and viewers,

I’ve been working hard at growing my YouTube channel, although since my content veers wildly from music, to toys, nature, and Coca-Cola, it’s a little scattershot.  Not the best for promoting a channel, so if you’d be kind enough to subscribe, every little bit helps!  Covering the cost of WordPress and Streamyard is my goal.  My good friend from California, Mrs. MarriedAndHeels, has kindly been advertising her appearances on my show.  But she has over 200,000 fans, so I know not everyone has seen her three episodes on Grab A Stack!  What are you waiting for?

Even if you’re not into high heels or fashion, we cover a lot of ground!  Mostly, we have fun, and we’d love if you checked out our shows together.  Give ’em a like, give ’em a share, it all helps keep my channel and WordPress afloat.

Check out our show trailer below if you’re curious about what we do!


Jan 6 – Show #1

This first show was pre-recorded, a one-hour introduction to one of my favourite cohosts.  1000 people have watched so far!

It was a very Lego-centric episode with a healthy dose of high heels!  She unboxed some new ones exclusively here!



Feb 3 – Show #2

Her first live appearance on Grab A Stack of Rock!  Over 600 views so far.

We covered it all here! Her passion for running, tea and heels! I got to pick out a pair of heels for her next event! An awesome hour and a half of fun.



Mar 3 – Show #3

The planets finally aligned, and MarriedAndHeels met the Mad Metal Mad for the first time! 400 views to date.

An epic unboxing from me, and more heels from her! I had the honour of picking out her heels again, and this time I chose wedges. Hope you like my choice! I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did on this episode.

Everything I create is free.  I have never asked for money for any video or story.  I pay for WordPress and I pay for Streamyard out of pocket, and advertising dollars do not bring in even half of the cost.  Therefore, if you’d like to buy me a coffee on Ko-fi, I would muchly appreciate.

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Lego California Girl dressed up for the Oscars

She tried on some black heels, dressed up as 3P0, and Princess Leia.  Baldy Mike joined her as a Stormtrooper.


MarriedAndHeels Meets the Mad Metal Man!

What a marathon!  Powering through illness, the California Girl clocked in a full two hour live show on Grab A Stack of Rack!  She’s a runner, she’s a warrior, and she’s a winner — watch this episode for a boatload of inspiration.  We covered a lot of ground here!   Topics such as:

  • A giant box of discs, toys and stuff from Harrison!
  • Music that defines the California she knows and loves.
  • Long Beach!
  • What she would transform into if she was a robot.
  • Who she would sing like if she could.  (Ha, ha.)
  • Boots.
  • Nature, weather, climate, seasons.
  • Travel.
  • Theraflu.
  • Running.
  • Nosy neighbours.
  • Shoe terminology.
  • Iron Maiden.

Thanks to Jex Russell and Harrison the Mad Metal Man for your questions.

Additionally, once again I had the honour of picking out her heels for her next event.  A backyard BBQ with some slightly stuck-up neighbours.  Did we go more conservative, or did we up the sexiness?  You be the judge, but people seemed to like the heels I picked for this party.

Sorry about the audio issues around  the 15 minute mark!

MarriedAndHeels Grabs A Stack of Rack for Round 3!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike, the Mad Metal Man, and the California Girl
Episode 16: Round 3 with MarriedAndHeels

By now, all of you know that one of my favourite co-hosts is the California Girl known as MarriedAndHeels! Why? Just watch one of her past episodes and you’ll see. She has a fanbase larger than most rock stars I’ve interviewed, and she has a magnetic personality to match. I am always honoured any time she is able to come on our little show.

Today’s plan includes opening a massive box from Harrison in Australia! We have been waiting for this parcel a long time and now we finally get to open it! The best part is, for the second half of today’s show, Harrison the Mad Metal Man will be joining us live for his first meeting with the California Girl! As for her, I’m sure she has lots of new heels to look at. I can’t wait. I sure do like her collection! In fact, I will again be responsible for picking the heels for her next event! This was fun to do last time, and I can’t wait to do it again!

We also have an “Ask California Girl” from Jex Russell the Jexciter! As always we will also be taking your questions LIVE so get ’em ready.
Friday March 3 at 3:00 P.M. E.S.T. / 12 Noon Pacific. Enjoy on YouTube or on Facebook.

MarriedAndHeels is a Superstar on Grab A Stack of Rock!

It may have been -18 degrees Celcius here, but  “California Girl” aka “Edie Van Heelin’” aka MarriedAndHeels brought the sun!  This fun episode featured:

  • Lego & lightsabers with full custom M.A.H. sound effects!
  • Lots and lots of heels & heel knowledge.
  • Running in heels, peacocks and more.
  • Tea.
  • Kiss figures, though not unboxed, due to difficulty of doing so on camera.
  • Unboxing 7 rare Japanese import CD.
  • Stories, stories, stories and more!

We kept going until her battery ran out, and she’ll be back for more soon!

Everything I create is free.  I have never asked for money for any video or story.  I pay for WordPress and I pay for Streamyard out of pocket, and advertising dollars do not bring in enough to cover even half of the cost.  Therefore, if you’d like to buy me a coffee on Ko-fi, I would muchly appreciate!

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