Show Plans and Announcements

12 episodes in, and Grab A Stack of Rock keeps rolling.  A huge thank-you is due to my stoic co-host, the Mad Metal Man, for his endless dedication.  The panel and contributors involved have given 110% and things are still going to get kicked up a few notches.

This week, Friday January 27 at 7 PM, Tim Durling gets the spotlight as we discuss a topic of his suggestion:  Reissue Record Labels.  Labels like Rock Candy, or Sony Legacy, and many more.  Durling has his stack ready!  Rob Daniels will be on hand to show off some La-La-Land reissue soundtracks.  Harrison and I will also be prepared with some tasty discs of rock. With Durling and Daniels, two radio legends on their own rights, I’ll be able to just kick back, listen and learn.

And then…Friday February 3, at 3 PM Eastern time and 12 noon Pacific, we have the first live appearance of MarriedAndHeels / California Girl on Grab A Stack of Rock!  For  those with short memories, her appearances thus far have all been pre-recorded.  This time we go live!  I’ll be moderating questions, and I’m sure we will have a lot.  Her fans have spoken and they want to see more heels this time.  So why not?  Her shoe collection is just as impressive as my music collection, and she has more fans than the average rock star, so I say why not!  Dare I say why not.

Whether you like heels or not, California Girl is an excellent guest and I assure you we will also discuss music, and unbox a toy or two.  I have a Marvel Legends Killmonger to open, which I have been saving for this occasion, since California Girl has a thing for Michael B. Jordan.  It’s gonna be good.

Hope to see you at one of these shows if not both.  Please enjoy the latest updated version of the Grab A Stack of Rock theme video below!

Your Karate is a Joke! Grab A Stack of Karate Kid with Rob, Mike, Harrison and special guest Dr. Kathryn!

Some of the most fun shows are the unexpected ones.  I had no idea how much fun it would be to talk Karate Kid and Cobra Kai for an hour.  But when you have Rob Daniels and Dr. Kathryn along for the ride, you’re bound to learn something.  I have a feeling that this show will be some of the best Karate Kid content on YouTube.  We covered it all, and Dr. Kathryn taught us just about everything we needed to know about this long-lived and well-loved franchise.

We saw books, autographs, CDs, action figures and a personal message from actor Sean Kanan.  We also saw a lot of Cobra Kai branded clothing!  But even better than the things we looked at were the stories that we heard.  Whether personal stories, or tales of the making of the movies, the talk was top notch tonight.

Meanwhile, Harrison schooled us on Ninja Turtles, another popular martial arts franchise.  Rob also showed us some cool Bruce Lee soundtracks.

For “Ask Harrison”, we had a surprise question from “Blaze Bayley” himself!  We also had a group question from MarriedAndHeels about that most hated of bands:  Nickelback!  Discussion ensued.

This turned out to be the second most popular show we’ve done to date!  Thanks for watching everyone!

#1037: Grab A Stack of Recap! (And Things to Come)

I’m so glad that Meat suggested this as a format many months ago, and that Harrison agreed to go live without much warning!

October 28 2022.  As I was leaving for work that morning, I suddenly just thought to myself, “You know, I wonder if Harrison or anybody would feel like going live tonight.  Just shoot the shit for an hour.  It might be a fun way to be social on a Friday night and it only has to be an hour.”

He did and the rest is history now.  Meat came on and we talked the new Dio movie Dreamers Never Die, showed off Lego, music, and had a lively and fun discussion.  The shape of things to come!  We didn’t even have a name for the new show yet so I ran the LeBrain Train theme song instead.  In my mind anyway, this was not the Train.  It was something fresh and unstructured and new.

At least it felt that way to me and that’s what I needed to make this fun again.  And it was fun again.

No name?  No problem.  The following morning I wrote the “Grab A Stack of Rock” theme song with Jen and sent it to Tee Bone to fully realize.  By the next show, we had an intro video!  It took under a week, though it was still undergoing revisions.

Show #2, Nov 4 2022, was a cottage show!  Tim Durling and Aaron KMA joined the Mad Metal Man and myself to show off books, rare 8 tracks tapes, box sets and model kits. Tim has since become an integral part of the show’s rotating panel. As for Aaron, he’ll make it when he’s able!

Show #3, Nov 11 2022, featured John T. Snow and a whole boatload of Japanese imports!  Shockingly, John had some Jeff Scott Soto to show off!  Most importantly, this week was the debut of favourite feature, “Ask Harrison”!  We had two enquiries, one from Jeff Taylor and one from Tee Bone Erickson himself.  The feature was a success and continued weekly from there.

Show #4, Nov 18 2022, was the debut of Robert Daniels on this new format, which he mistook for Grab a Rack of Socks! Just kidding.  Rob came in with (of course), soundtracks and stories.  Meanwhile I focused on Star Wars rarities, while Harrison had some nifty triple disc sets to show.  “Ask Harrison” returned with Tee Bone Erickson, but it wouldn’t be long before other viewers wanted in on the action.

Show #5, Nov 25 2022, is where things got serious with this new format.  We decided to hone in on the new Kiss Creatures of the Night box set with Tim Durling and Marco D’Auria of the Contrarians.  We gave the set and its surrounding history a good solid look.  Marco brought the bootlegs and Tim had vinyl, cassettes and a related 8 track tape.  Uncle Meat appeared via video, with his memories of seeing Kiss on the Creatures tour.

Meanwhile on “Ask Harrison”, it was time for viewers to get their questions answered.  Lana Teramae got her question in via Tee Bone, and new arrival MarriedInHeels inquired about Harrison’s haircare secrets — a question he dodged.

After Show #5, I took a week off to appear with Grant Arthur on Grant’s Rock Warehouse, to do a discussion on The Darkness and their discography.  Tim Durling jumped in for that one too, and it was a lively show for all involved.  And it led to later things!  (And I will be back with Grant in February to talk about Stone Gods and Hot Leg.)

With our Creatures show done and dusted, we had to keep going big.  And so we did.  We got the Snowman back and dug deep once again.

Show #6, December 9 2022, was overlong but for good reason.  We took deep dives into two Judas Priest box sets:  50 Heavy Metal Years of Music, and Complete Albums Collection.  Every disc, every album, every bonus item, we dug deep.  Those autographs are authentic, by the way, as we showed.

Unfortunately however, this was our first show since the passing of Christine McVie.  On “Ash Harrison” that week, MarriedAndHeels asked him about Christine, for which he had an excellent answer.  Meanwhile Tee Bone had something he’s always been meaning to ask Harrison about Australia!

Show #7, December 16 2022, allowed me to continue diving into box sets.  The Queen Miracle box turned out to be a favourite.  On this night we were joined by Aaron KMA once more, who had a lot of books!  Mr. Books had books?  Imagine that.  Harrison followed the books with more books, CDs, and a lightsaber.  (Can’t wait for summer when Harrison and I can have duelling lightsabers!)

On “Ask Harrison” this week, Lana returned via Tee Bone, and MarriedAndHeels threw us a curveball by asking Harrison and Mike a question each!  And it would not be the last time she’d pull a trick like that!

Show #8, December 23 2022, was the final show before Christmas and so we invited Tim Durling and Marco D’Auria back on to go out in style.  Marco had some cool Elvis and Mystique items to show, including the new DVD of the film Standing on the Firing Line.  As for me, I continued into the box sets with Rush and Marillion and unboxed a new Savatage vinyl reissue.  For “Ask Harrison”, Jeff Taylor and MarriedAndHeels returned, as did “Ask Mike”! The ever-evasive Harrison remains excellent at dodging questions!

Show #9, December 30 2022, and final show of the year as a drop in special!  With an eye to showing off all our cool Christmas gifts, Harrison and I brought the Lego, the box sets, and more.  I went on a good Guns N’ Roses rant.  Grant Arthur made his show debut with some neat Kim Mitchell stuff.  Brian Richards, who had already done the LeBrain Train previously, returned and showed off some cool vinyl among many other collectible goodies including a signed Bruce Kulick bobblehead.  And good pal Robert Daniels was on board with…shoes?  Perhaps the shape of things to come.

Finally the planets aligned, and I got MarriedAndHeels on to do a whole show.  I’d been wanting to do this since the start.  I knew she’d be great.  I was right.  Happy New Year indeed!

Show #10, January 6 2023, was pre-taped due to scheduling issues, and even so Harrison could not make it this time.  But he was with us in spirit, and even asked his own questions of us – one “Ask Mike” and one “Ask California Girl”.  Together we showed off Lego, including some brand new sets released just that week!  Of course she had to show off her heels, and we even got a show exclusive:  unboxing her new orange summer heels that I am sure her fans will love to see.

After she shared the show to her social media, it got views that surpassed every rock star interview I ever did.  For that I am very grateful and all I can say is, I hope her fans liked the show as much as I did!  It was my favourite to date and I cannot wait to see what 2023 brings.

I can tell you this much.

Show #11, Jan 13 2023, will see Rob Daniels, Tim Durling, and Kevin “Buried On Mars” Simister join Harrison and I to talk Star Trek.  What cool things will these guys have to show off?  It’ll also be nice to have Kevin back for the first time on this new format.

Lists will be coming back at some point.  It has been made clear to me that people miss the lists.  So, sure.  Once in a while we can do lists.  Meat will be back for that.

Join us this Friday for another Grab A Stack of Rock With the Mad Metal Man.  It’ll be out of this world!

Grab A Stack of Lego and Heels with Mike & Married And Heels!

GRAB A STACK OF ROCK…with Mike and the Mad Metal Man
Episode 10:  MarriedAndHeels AKA California Girl!

A very special episode today for you Lego lovers, music fans, and connoisseurs of high fashion!  I was planning on taking this Friday off, but then suddenly had the opportunity to tape an episode of Grab A Stack of Rock with good friend MarriedAndHeels on the west coast — also known as California Girl and Edie Van Heelin.  I’ve been working on getting her on the show, and this week everything fell into place.  Unfortunately, Harrison could not make it but he was certainly with us in spirit.  CG rolled out some hot new Lego sets, just released January 1!  Star Wars and Marvel fans, pay attention!

Meanwhile the Australian Mad Metal Man flipped it around, and submitted questions for us!  One for me, one for her, and I hope you like our answers.

Of course music was a topic that we continually circled around, and this is where we may earn some hate.  Hendrix fans, skip past this part.  But one thing we share in common is that we love what we love, and we have our reasons.  What it turns out to be, is that we both tend to love the older tunes the most.  Have I officially become an old fart?  Possibly.  Watch and let me know.  It’s an interesting discussion that we could easily have expanded on.

A big thanks to California Girl for joining me this week.  We’ll have to have her back with Harrison.

Enjoy the episode!  Next week:  Star Trek with Mike, Rob, Tim, Harrison and Kevin “Buried On Mars” Simister!