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Lots of Laughs with Jason Bieler & John Snow on the LeBrain Train

LeBrain Train exclusive!  Find out how Jason Bieler inadvertently caused Michael Sadler of Saga to go on a fitness regime!  Only here!

In all seriousness, Jason Bieler was an awesome guest and we had a great time quizzing him about as many of his projects as we could squeeze in.  Thank you John T. Snow for getting this interview, and for ample research and questions!  From his collaborations with Jeff Scott Soto to the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra and back to Saigon Kick and Super TransAtlanric, we tried to cover it all.  With a guest such as Jason, the jokes also flowed steadily and we had plenty of laughs and insight.

If you missed it live, check out what Jason had to say about:

  • The new single “Sic Riff”
  • Upcoming singles and the next album
  • The comments section
  • Being a singer
  • Rock Candy reissues, deluxe editions and box sets
  • Guitars and gear
  • Working in Sweden vs. at home
  • Influences
  • Videos and collaborations with other artists
  • And yes, the Michael Sadler story

It was truly a pleasure to spend Friday night with Jason.  Keep your ears open for plenty of new music over the coming months


The Seagram Synth Ensemble


Jason Bieler Boards the LeBrain Train Tonight!

The LeBrain Train: 2000 Words or More with Mike & John

Episode 112 – Jason Bieler (Saigon Kick, Super TransAtlantic, The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra)

Thanks to John T. Snow of 2Loud2OldMusic for this one!  JASON BIELER of Saigon Kick fame will be on board tonight to discuss his newest project The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra, new tune “Sic Riff”, and his past as well.  Known as one of the funniest and nicest guys in rock, Bieler is multi-talented.  His brand of rock runs the gamut from progressive to mainstream.  His collaborations with artists such as Bumblefoot and Jeff Scott Soto are highly praised.  This is a chat that we are looking forward to big time!  “What You Say”?  Take the pain to far and distant places, and if you ask of Jason, he’ll tell you all the stories of life!

Do not miss this one — we will try and ask your viewer questions live!

Friday June 17, 7:00 PM E.S.T.  on YouTubeFacebook and also Facebook!

2 Interviews Coming! LeBrain Train is proud to present Jason Bieler, and the Seagram Synth Ensemble!

Some big news for LeBrain Train fans!  Two new interviews are scheduled!

Thanks John Snow from 2Loud2oldMusic for hooking this one up!   Next week, June 17 at 7:00 PM E.S.T., John and I are proud to present JASON BIELER of The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra!  Also formerly of Saigon Kick, this talented singer/songwriter/guitarist has a brand new tune out called “Sic Riff” from a forthcoming new album, and we’ve been rocking to it steadily.  Quirky but catchy off-center music and a quick wit is what Bieler is known for and I can’t wait to discuss his tunes new and old.  John just saw him live with Jeff Scott Soto recently and is burning up with questions!

Friday June 17 2022, at 7:00 PM E.S.T, on!

The following week I am very excited to talk to the SEAGRAM SYNTH ENSEMBLE!  This talented trio has just released a new single called “Ephem”, but there’s more to it than that.  “Ephem” exists on a brand new format, one which requires listening with intent.  We’ll delve a bit deeper into this experimental release on June 24 at 7:00 PM E.S.T.  It’s more than just a new piece of music.  It is a piece of art designed to make us think about how we consume music today.  We’ll also discuss their 2019 album No Moving Air, gigs and gear.

Friday June 24 2022, at 7:00 PM E.S.T. on!