Scott Weinrich

REVIEW: Wino – Adrift (2010)

“25 years in a rock n’ roll band, 10,000 women on a one-night-stand, all I got to show is the hole in my hand, where the money burned through.” – Wino

WINO_0001WINO – Adrift (2010 Exile on Mainstream)

I don’t know a hell of a lot about Scott “Wino” Weinrich (for shame), only that he was the guy from Saint Vitus, and they are doomy deliciousness.  I’d heard him before on a couple records — a Sabbath tribute, and Dave Grohl’s Probot. I do love acoustic records by metal artists.  I don’t mean unplugged albums, or acoustic versions…I mean when a heavy rock artist picks up an acoustic guitar and records what is (essentially) an acoustic heavy metal album.  Take Zakk Wylde’s Book of Shadows as an example.

Adrift is a fucking great album.  Even if you don’t like singer-songwriter type recordings, you’ll dig this.  According to the cool liner notes, a lot of these songs are old compositions from his past.  Wino made a ball crushing acoustic album out of them, and it’s brilliant.  It’s not entirely acoustic; there are stunning electric solos and the odd flourish here and there, but it’s mostly just wood, strings, and Wino’s hands.  Did I mention it’s fucking brilliant?  You can even hear the guy breathing on some songs.  It doesn’t get much more real.

But how does it sound?  Take some simple rock chords and acoustic licks, and combine together for maximum impact.  Wail out a long and atmospheric guitar solo when needed.  Sing deeply personal lyrics with a haunting, gritty double tracked voice.  Except on the instrumentals of course (of which there are two).

For shits n’ giggles, there is also a killer acoustic cover of Motorhead’s “Iron Horse/Born to Lose”.  Its placement is a little weird (right smack in the middle of the album) but my God does it smoke.

Check out:  “Green Speed”, “Old and Alone”, “Whatever”, “Shot in the Head”.

5/5 stars