Part 57: Top Five Things A Record Store Smells Like

5.  Hopefully the most obvious one.  Farts! At least when the guy code named “Steven Tyler” or I were working.  We ate a lot of fast food.

4. Fast Food.  We were constantly eating Subway, Lick’s, McDonalds, or Burger King depending on location.  Subway was and always shall be my weapon of choice, but it was BK’s Kong sized triple stacker that made the store smell like beef for days.  Strangely, my addiction to fast food only got worse after seeing Super Size Me.

3. B.O.  If wasn’t the customers, every once in a while, we’d get stuck with a stinky employee. 

2. Rancid Coffee.  One employee who shall go unnamed was prone to drink two or three of the damn things a day, and then throwing her coffee (unfinished) into the garbage (bag).  And then not take out the garbage.  Also, any customer carrying a Tim Horton’s cup always left their empties on the counter, or even classier, on the CD shelves.

1. Air Freshener.  Thank you, Glade.

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