Intermission: The State of the Rock / S*** LeBrain’s Dad Says

Good day all,

As you may have read in a previous story, I recently had a significant birthday.  One of the nice things I received was a brand-new camera.  (Thanks mom & dad!)  Up until now, I’ve been taking pictures of all the albums and collectibles with my Nokia c3 cell phone.  (If this were a techie blog I couldn’t give that phone a glowing review, but as you can see it helped me get through the first few months of this.)

So this means, after I’m done posting all the old photos in upcoming entries, I can finally bring you better quality photos and videos.  I know a lot of you love checking out the rare discs and collectibles.   I never liked the photo quality on my blog, so I’m stoked to have a camera.

Here’s a bunch of photos with the old Nokia that I never got around to using.

I know some of you are following the Kiss reviews.  We’re done the makeup years!  Coming up, I will be covering the rest of the studio & live albums, and as many box sets and compilations as I have access to.

And, some of you follow the Record Store Tales.  Coming up, you’ll read more classic quotes, hear about a lot more annoying customers, get the feel for what it’s like behind the counter, and discover more fantastic musical finds.

For now I’ll leave you with a fresh S*** LeBrain’s Dad Says, from today.

Today was the day we decided to hold the official birthday party.  As mentioned my parents bought me the new camera.  As I opened it, my dad said:

“Wow, that looks like a nice camera there.  Who’d you get that from?”

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