Part 84: Carpet Cleaning in December

RECORD STORE TALES Part 84: Carpet Cleaning in December

We used to get our carpets steam cleaned twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter.  The winter one was the biggest waste of money you can wipe muddy boots on.

The very last one that I was there for, 2005, was memorable. To make it even more fun, earlier in the day as he was leaving the store, my boss said, “Do good sales or you’re both dead.” Total morale boost!

I had to stay late to watch the store while the cleaners were doing their business, and lock up after them.  They usually took an hour, so that’s not too bad.  What sucks more is the day after.  Because you have to move everything off the carpets for the cleaners, you have to come in super early the next morning to put it all back.

So, 8 am, December.  It was starting to snow. I entered the store.

1. Everything is wet.  Condensation on the windows means I had to remake a whole bunch of paper signs. (We had no lamination device.)
2. The carpets will probably remain wet for most of the week.
3. The very first customer of the day tracked in muddy snow on his boots.
4. It’s STUPID!

By the end of the day, the carpets looked the same as they did before! At least we must have done good sales, because I’m still alive.


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