REVIEW: Geoff Tate – GT EPK (2012)

What can you say about a guy who’s already had two lineup changes before his new “Queensryche” has even played a single gig?  As usual, I’ll let Geoff say it all…


EPK:  “Electronic Press Kit”, something an artist releases to the media to promote themselves. See above.

Although this has been out for months, it was only recently that Uncle Meat brought it to my attention.    While he was over recording our most recent video, he said to me, “LeBrain, you have to see the Tate video.  This thing is ridiculous.”

So I watched.  And I laughed.

Cheesey?  Check.

“Oh yeah.  I love my job.”

Pretentious?  Check.

“I guess I’m an experience junkie.”

Trying to look cool?  Check.

“I usually take a couple of motorcycles on tour with me…ride between cities.”

Stuff nobody cares about?  Check.

“Oh there’s my beautiful wife, Susan.”

Nothing in here about spitting at drummers, getting in fights, or carrying bladed weapons though!  Do you want to see something really funny?  Skip ahead in the video to 2:38.

“Oh, wait, watch this.”

And then he does this lame “jump”.  I mean, if he was David Lee Roth and did that cool spiral kick thing, that would something worth waiting and watching for.  Not…whatever that was at 2:38.

Don’t take it from me though!  Here’s some quotes from my esteemed Sausagefest colleagues.

Grant:  “Got about three minutes in before vomiting all over my keyboard. The ‘Two Girls One Cup’ of personal biographies.”

Scottie:  “WTF was that…”

Iron Tom Sharpe:  “Imagine what that cock seepage would be like if he was still good (and relevant) and they hadn’t sucked for the last 15 years…Nothing is sadder than seeing your heroes as they really are…”

Dave:  “He was always a cheeseball. The guys around him simply obscured that.”

Meat:  “Music’s latest train wreck.  So awful you just can’t look away.”

That’s all.  That’s all I can stomach.

0/5 stars



        1. LOL!

          Death to Ming!

          And as I mentioned, nothing in there about his penchant for spitting and bladed weapons.

          ALSO: I loved how he used Silent Lucidity in the second part. A song he had no role in writing whatsoever.


  1. I lost respect for Tate after the Burlesque tour…met him walking in SD before the show and he was just odd…but that show was really bad and bizarre


    1. Ahh, very sad. The Burlesque tour was very embarrassing for a band like Queensryche. That was beneath them. I think a lot of fans felt they’d lost the plot completely.


  2. From someone who has been “with” him since the beginning. (I had the debut E.P. on cassette when it came out … same 4 songs on both sides .. ), you would think it would be hard to see him fall like this. But quite the contrary. Now you can see just how pretentious this dude has probably always been. You cant take away that he is part of one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time (Operation Mindcrime) but you can marvel at his decay. He makes you want to root against him.


    1. He does make you want to root against him.

      The pleasure that I get from this is helping spread the word about his phony Queensryche aka “Quiet Ryche”. It’s a travesty what is happening right now. This band meant a lot to me in the 80’s up to the mid 90’s and I really hope the original members will put out a stunning album that makes people forget this pompous ass.


  3. Strangely, I have been digging out my ‘Ryche CD collection, and enjoying it greatly for the pomposity and GT’s weirdness, diva tendencies, and drama…”Kings & Thieves” is weird, too, and not very good, but nowhere near as atrocious as I was led to believe!!!


    1. I’m not sure I will enjoy Kings & Thieves…I heard some samples and it sounded (to me) too much like the later Ryche albums. But I absolutely love everything up to and including Promised Land, and I also like Q2K quite a bit.

      I look forward to reviewing Q2K in the future because I think that album is a lot better than people think.


      1. “Kings & Theives” came into my collection on the cheap, new, from an eBay seller. I am in no way recommending it…It just has that train wreck/car crash appeal to it for me, knowing all the drama surrounding it! And after reading several months of AWFUL reviews for it, it could never live up to that negative hype!


  4. Seriously, everything about Tate screams WHACK-O! The look, the wine, the jewelry, and the drama. It’s the Pomp Metal Elizabeth Taylor!!!


      1. Can’t wait for your Q2K review. Re-visiting that disc right now at the gym. Reminds me of CMC International-Era Warrant (’96!!!???) crossed with “Achtung Baby” recorded with a Grunge-Era Seattle hangover. Or something like that…


      2. Before Tate went “bald”, that hair was freaking me out. It was totally from the costume aisle, stuck on with liberal applications of Spirit Gum (would love to take a look at the rider from the “Mindcrime II” tour rider!)


        1. Hahah! Love your description of the Q2K sound too. What can I say, I like the album.

          Tate’s never had the coolest image in rock. I guess the closest he got was during the Mindcrime era, he at least had long hair and shed the makeup!


        2. No, I don’t. Just the standard. Didn’t know of the remaster. Just dug this thing outta one of my banker’s boxes! I am figuring that is Kelly Gray spitting all those soaring Edge-like guitar lines all over Q2K?!


        3. I made the same assumption, Kelly had a different sound from Chris for sure! The remaster is decent, I believe it had a live track and three studio ones including a ballad.

          My fave tune is probably The Right Side of My Mind.


        4. That tune just drifted off of my earphones as I left the gym. It is a great song, and really a good album.


        5. I don’t know what happened, but nothing since then has really struck me. I know some people really liked American Soldier, but it didn’t click with me.


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