Part 167: VIDEO – Top Five Albums that Got Us in Sh*t at the Record Store


Top Five Albums that Got Us in Shit at the Record Store

featuring Uncle Meat


  1. Fun video, guys! Good Old Jingle Cats. I forgot about that.

    How do you get in trouble for playing AC/DC? They sell records!

    Was Meat hungover during the production of this video?

    Meat – Your Tull “deal” was the musical equivalent of a roshambo!


    1. HA!!! .. Now that is funny .. ;) You should check out the 30 albums list i put up …. One of the albums … it was you who introduced me to it ;)


    2. How did I get in trouble? Dunno, but I did! We didn’t get Highway to Hell in very often, I figured it would be nice to hear some Bon Scott instead of the same old same old. Apparently, I was wrong!


  2. Nice job! Very extensive and varied list. To be expected from the Meatmaster.

    It must have been Ween that I turned you on to, right?

    There are a few on there that you turned me on to that remain staples on my iPod:
    Herbie Hancock, Fu Manchu + Peter Tosh to be specific.

    Catchy, Catchy, Shooby Shooby toniiiight.


        1. He caught a lot of flack on Facebook for that hat…I said he looked like Fish (and in fact we got some good footage that will be used in a later Marillion review) but one person said:

          “Uncle Meat? Looks more like Uncle Buck!”


  3. Had to post this comment from Zach:

    Wow. Just wow… Ladano goes to all the effort of changing costume between countdown takes and Meat can’t even take of “That fucking hat”… You know what i’m talking about. And Ladano, i will skin your corpse for that Maiden button-up shirt. You wore it to tease me. I know it. Well done gents!


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