Part 194: Marilyn Manson’s Ribs

RECORD STORE TALES Part 194:  Marilyn Manson’s Ribs

“Hey, sir?  My friend has a question for you,” said the young kid.  12 or 13 years old if I had to guess.  He pushed his friend slightly forward.

“Yeah, uhh,” said the kid with the question.  “Is it true that Marilyn Manson had two of his ribs removed?

“What?” I responded, befuddled.

“Yeah, uhh,” said the kid once again.  “I heard that, like, at a Marilyn Manson concert, he sucked himself off.  He had his bottom two ribs removed so that he could bend far enough over to do it.”

“Wow,” I uttered, a little stunned.  “Where did you hear that?”

“I bet another kid at school $5 that it wasn’t true.  He said it was.”

I paused to build anticipation.  “He owes you $5 then.”

“YES!” said the kid as he high-fived his friend.  “I knew it wasn’t true.”

They strolled out, looking incredibly relieved.


Christian Rock!



      1. Must be! Quite why anyone would think someone in their position would need to suck their own cock baffles me. Although I do find the thought of Prince trying to be quite amusing.


        1. Did you know Prince is a Jehova’s Witness and he lives near Toronto? I know people who swear to God on the lives of their mothers that little teeny tiny Prince once showed up at their doors speading the word of Jehova. I shit you not.


    1. Dude, I had one guy INSIST to me that Marilyn Manson had invented time travel. (there’s a song credit on his 1996 album that is mis-printed, on purpose or not, as 1997)

      So this guy told me that Manson invented time travel, went forward into time in 1997, found out what day the world was going to end, recorded the song on that day (in 1997) and then traveled back in time to the present (1996) to release the song, with that credit as the only clue.

      I could not have made this up on my own.


      1. It also went on a lot back in the 80s. Apparently Iron Maiden used to break at least one limb on tour and Ozzy apparently threw a puppy into the audience and said he wouldn’t sing until the audience killed it. The fact that people believe this is beyond belief. I do like that about time travel though.


        1. Did you hear the one about the concert Ozzy and Alice Cooper did together?

          The story goes that Ozzy challenged Alice to a gross-out competition. So Ozzy got everyone in the audience to pass around a cup and spit in it, and then Alice drank it. So the story goes.

          Yeah, I must have missed that concert.


  1. I don’t see what the big deal is. You know, I travel through time, suck myself off, kill a puppy (a pug, natch) while chugging spit, and then go door to door talking about religion all the time. I call that a pretty typical weekend around here, man.


    1. Somehow I missed this comment initially! That at least explains what you really did last night, while you were “out of the house” (quote-unquote)!


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