It’s Canada Day Up Canada Way: Lil’ Shit Part II

In the continuing saga of all the pets in the greater LeBrain clan, you may recall that Lil’ Shit was the most recent addition to the family.  Bass clarinetist extraordinaire Kathryn Ladano recently acquired Daisi aka Lil’ Shit, below.  I finally got to meet Daisi this past Canada Day weekend!

It was a great weekend full of bonfires and awesome Canadian scenery too.

Stompin’ Tom Connors – “It’s Canada Day, Up Canada Way”


        1. No kidding! Do you know where he was from?

          My grandfather was born in Sicilly in 1902, and through the magic of Google street view, I actually found the original family store that he lived in. Nobody in my family had any pictures but there it is on Google.


        2. Calgary way I think – his parents were a Northern Irish protestant and a Northern Irish Catholic, and in those days I guess you had to get the hell out.


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