What to do with an old cassette case – USB edition

Rock & Roll & Recycle!  Two weeks ago, Marko showed you how to use an old cassette case to hold a smartphone such as a Blackberry Z10.  Unfortunately, as Aaron pointed out, the iPhone charges from the bottom.

So, for iPhone users, I present to you my own original idea of an alternate use for an old cassette case!  We all have a ton of these things sitting around!

Stickers from the folks at reprolabels.com.


  1. This is cool. I like how all your thumb drives have Transformer logos on them. And it was actually my iPod, not the iPhone. I don’t know if the iPhone goes from the bottom as I don’t have one – maybe it does? My HTC One S would work in a case like that, it charges from the side.

    CHALLENGE: Now come up with a cool music-paraphernalia solution for all of these damned device connection cords!


      1. So it’s a guessing game? I assume YOU know all five answers, so you’re making us work for it, right? I’m gonna say one is Autobot and one is Decepticon, the two easiest ones, just because that’s all I know about Transformers. Is that two of them?


        1. Yes. Far left and far right are regular Decepticon and Autobot logos. Then from left to right:

          Regular Decepticon logo — “Fall of Cybertron” colouring
          Autobot “Wreckers” logo — a commando-like sub-faction
          Autobot Generation 2 logo used between 1993 and 1995


        2. You know what, one more time I’m gonna plug Reprolabels.com!

          They have everything you could possibly want for Tramsformers stickers and other toys as well, but I love the logos. I put these things on everything. Mostly just for fun, but everybody I loan flash drives to now know which are mine.


  2. A fix to your bottom charge for I phones: purchase an additional charger, find a sautering tool and heat it up. Use the tool to melt a hole in the bottom of the cassette case the size of the charger. Place charger in hole and secure with krazy glue. Your looking at less a cost of a charger stand pre-made one if you do a little work. I don’t own anything Apple, I’m an Android fan, however I’m sure that will work. Retro it out.


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