WTF Search Terms: Bodily functions edition


WTF Search Terms V:  Bodily functions edition

All of these are search terms that people typed into Google, and wound up on my site.  Today the theme is “bodily functions”.  If you missed the last one, be sure to click here!

  1. “peeing” rowboat
  2. shiting on top of a shit
  3. shit into hand while in shower
  4. poo
  5. guy pissing in doorway
  6. boy holding poop in
  7. poo pictures
  8. poo in the door way
  9. poop in the shower post
  10. when to wash your hands pinterest

“When to wash your hands”?  Definitely after all of that!

I couldn’t figure out a music video to put with this, so let’s go with “TV Dinners” by ZZ Top, since that often will cause you to need to perform search term #4.


  1. #5 sorta makes sense in that somebody may have been led to the infamous “Open Door Piss.” As for the others…. I can’t fathom how those search terms led anybody do you. Then again, I can’t fathom why anybody would search for those terms in the first place.


  2. I think in descending order of disturbingness:
    1) These terms are being searched
    2) These search terms somehow link back to your Music blog (not sure if any of the 10 count as ‘musical’)
    3) Based on the brief description the google search results page provides, the searchers felt would be where all their poop-related questions would be answered!


      1. haha – I never picked up on the scatological content before, I suppose with the music/store tales you were talking about it must have been contextually appropriate so I didn’t notice!


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