REVIEW: Faith No More – “Everything’s Ruined” (double single)

FAITH NO MORE – “Everything’s Ruined” (1992 Slash, 2 discs sold separately)

A short while ago I reviewed the landmark Faith No More album, Angel Dust.  This is one of four singles (that I know of, anyway) lifted from that album.  It’s a great tune, and if I may quote my own review, I said “I’m sure it was chosen [as a single] because it is a solid mix of aggressive rapping with a memorable soul-influenced chorus.  While it doesn’t sound like it would have been on The Real Thing, it’s about as close as Angel Dust gets.”  The chorus is definitely a winner, and this is a Faith No More song more likely to appeal to non-fans.

There are live B-sides a’plenty, all recorded in September 1992.  Disc 1 (sold separately but containing room for disc 2) has “Edge of the World”, from The Real Thing, and the bizarre “R.V.”, from Angel Dust.  “Edge of the World” is where Faith No More have the audience sing along, to Patton yelling “Fuck me harder!”  The trailer-trash-talk of “R.V.”  sounds a little too laid back live, something’s missing.  I’m sure it would be much better with the full visuals of a Mike Patton performance.

Disc 2 has a couple more newbies:  “MidLife Crisis” and “Land of Sunshine” live.  These two performances stand out.  Patton’s even more unhinged on the live versions.  “MidLife Crisis” in particular is an exceptional version.  Regardless, officially released live Faith No More is rare indeed.  Collectors would be advised to put these two singles fairly high on their priority lists.

4/5 stars


    1. This is the same cover as the Songs To Make Love To EP in North America — I don’t know if you guys got that one over there?

      Faith No More have a lot of B-sides in the vaults that they could easily cash in on with a boxed set. The fact that they don’t both frustrates me, and increases my admiration of the band.


      1. I don’t remember that EP coming out over here but I wouldn’t have been paying much attention at that point so I might have just missed it.

        I wouldn’t see it as being too much of a cash-in in their case. I’d rather a box set than all the endless comps that keep coming out (although I’m guessing they don’t have much say in those).


        1. I may be wrong, but I BELIEVE the EP collected B-sides that you already got elsewhere, like “Easy” and “Das Schutzenfest”. It also had “Let’s Lynch The Landlord”, which I already had on a compilation tape that my Aunt spend $20 to get for me. She had a cool independent record store in town that could get all kinds of weird imports, and they got it. It was a Dead Kennedy’s tribute album called Virus 100.


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