WTF Search Terms: Rock and Roll edition


WTF Search Terms VI:  Rock and Roll edition

Welcome back to WTF!  Click here if you missed the last one.  This edition collects some musical Google searches that somehow led people here to this blog.  Enjoy these head-scratchers and WTFs!

This first guy’s obviously an idiot.

10.  steve morse sucks

9. is paul stanley loosoing his voice?

8.  i wouldl like to hear mob rules (why, how polite!)

7. life+it+up+kiss

6.   black sabbath paranoid deluxe edition where is the 3 disc (right there.)


5.  phrase from what tv show – it’s the final countdown!! (Arrested Development.)

4. puff daddy’s embarring habit

3. new kids on the block poster greatest hits

2. real elvis videos tumblr hornny holes

And this week’s winner:

1. marilyn manson with butt plug

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  1. Another ridiculous collection – the Steve Morse sucks one is particularly curious. It wasn’t written as a question, was the searcher hoping to find similar-minded haters? It doesn’t seem like they would have found many here!


    1. No, I have a feeling that if someone was posting anti-Morse comments here, Uncle Meat would run them out of town :)

      Speaking of whom, I find it a daunting task to review the new Deep Purple…because it is so good.


      1. Nice – Ezrin’s production is up to his usual high standards? Deep Purple’s got 3 on the 1001 list (In Rock, Machine Head, Made in Japan) good to hear that 40+ years later, they’ve still got plenty to offer.


        1. Not just Ezrin’s production but he has a co-write on every song too. I think you can hear it in some of the arrangements, some dramatic swooshes and changes here and there that remind me of bombastic Ezrin. Vincent Price would be a great example of Ezrin production.

          Hard to argue with those three albums. Me personally, I hold live albums in less high esteem than some, so I could sub out Made in Japan for Fireball. However you can’t really argue with those three, all things considered, can you?


      1. I probably won’t be commenting that day. There was a brief time when I was open to certain rap/hip-hop artists, in the days of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” and Young MC, Salt-N-Pepa, Kid-N-Play, etc. Back when it was fun, and I could play “spot the classic soul or rock sample.” I’m sure there are current artists who still do that, but it’s just not a style that does anything for me. I look forward to reading your thoughts on it, though.


        1. It’s not a review, but it is a writeup on the PMRC, stickering, clean vs dirty versions, and how that impacts a small used cd chain. Hopefully you’ll enjoy. Of course Frank Zappa will be involved…


        2. Yup! I wish I had some of my old Alice Cooper interviews too. He claimed to be offended by the name “Gore” and asked it to be censored. And he also claimed that “Tipper” is not an appropriate name for an adult!


        3. Ah, Alice. There’s so much to love about that guy. I especially love when musicians & other performers use their celebrity to expose stupidity & hypocrisy regardless of political affiliation. Too many of them stick to party lines when there’s idiots on both sides that need to be knocked down a few pegs.


        4. The posting I’m referring to is coming tomorrow, and will be simply titled “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics”. I hope you enjoy. Alice didn’t make it into my story, but Dee and Frank did.

          I recommend “The Real Frank Zappa Book” for more of his keen and witty insight on this and many other issues!


        5. Yes well said. I wouldn’t want to have a first name like Dweezil either! But it was a really entertaining and informative read. He’s good at explaining complicated musical concepts to laymen.


        6. I also loved his philosophy about raising kids. I don’t remember the details, but he kinda let them do their own thing while still keeping an eye on them, and they turned out pretty good. I seem to remember a short-lived TV sitcom that starred both Dweezil & Moon Unit, probably in the early 90s. Did you ever see that? Oh yeah, I also love the fact that Dweezil wasn’t the name on his birth certificate because the nurse at the hospital refused to write that name…so his full name is really long, with the first names of Frank’s bandmates I believe.


        7. I do NOT remember that sitcom! That sounds… kind of weird! I do remember buying an album called Shampoo Horn by a band called Z. Z consisted of Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa.


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