WTF Search Terms: Top ten edition

WTF Search Terms IX:  Top ten edition

I thought I would do something a little less hilarious this time, and more just…I dunno…interesting enough to read over a coffee?  Sure, let’s go with that.  Today I thought I would share with you my top ten search terms since I started in March 2012.  All of these people ended up at my site.  Counting up (what the hell eh?) from 1 to 10, here’s the most popular search terms at  Note that some of them are essentially duplicates, too.

        1. paul stanley voice problems
        2. marillion radiation 2013
        3. paul stanley voice
        4. queensryche redemption
        5. 69porn
        6. paul stanley’s voice
        7. kisstory book
        8. black sabbath paranoid deluxe edition
        9. queensryche split
        10. mike ladano

I MADE THE TOP TEN!  High five!

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LeBrain as Paul

LeBrain as Paul


  1. ’69porn’ I can understand, but you must be worried about all those freaks searching for ‘paul stanley voice problems’ ending up on your porno site surely? who needs all those weirdoes?! ugh, I mean each to his own and everything and I don’t have an issue with people using the internet for non-porn purposes, but its still not nice to be confronted with it. Music? makes my flesh creep!


    1. Who knew? One of the first things I wrote here was a bitch session on how Paul’s been sounding and it seems to be a bit of a hit. And it’s true, if you play the video clip above, he’s awful. Gene and Eric do most of the singing.


  2. This is a fairly unsurprising list. Those big topics, like the Stabby McStabbypants debacle, took up a lot of space on your site. And I know you’re always getting porno hits. Still not sure what that’s all about. But your own name? Here’s a question for you, Mike: how many times a day do you Google yourself? And I meant on the internet, you perv. :)

    Glad you’re keeping track, I love stats like this.


    1. Yeah, the Stabby thing was a vicious circle here for a while. I’d bitch about something and get a million hits which only made me want to bitch about him more!

      I don’t Google myself all that often truthfully. I think most of those people are Dave FM listeners who hear my name and maybe know I have a site, because they talk about it often enough.


  3. Great picture! In ’77 or ’78 our record store employees had our faces painted like the KISS guys on Halloween and worked in costume all day. In ’84 I did the whole Boy George outfit like in the Karma Chameleon video – braids, hat, long coat, makeup, the works.


    1. FANtastic. Our store did nothing for Halloween, no costumes, no spirit. Of course our year end fell on October 31, so for about a decade there, I never got to do Halloween at home, I was always doing inventory.


      1. Well, geez, that sucks that you had to do inventory that day. By the way, I was painted up like Paul Stanley, too, for the KISS thing.


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