WTF Comments: Inaugural edition


WTF Comments:  Inaugural edition

Welcome to a new feature at!  A spin-off from the popular WTF Search Terms, I now present to you WTF Comments.  These are real unpublished comments that were left for me, for whatever reasons.

First, we have “Tony Tony” (leaving me to wonder where Toni and Toné were) from Obregon, Mexico. Tony Tony apparently did not like my comments about the 1998 movie turd Godzilla:

tony tony  ad that’s because you all haters are A BUNCH OF FAGS COMPLAINING… HAHAHA what an asshole hehehe… the movie was great… and the soundtrack kicked your asses out…

Thanks Tony.  That doesn’t really need any additional commentary from me.

Then we have Max, from Russia.  In the past I’ve been clear that I will not share my music.  Max asked me to email him a copy of my “Get Your Hands Off My Woman…Again” mp3 single, by The Darkness.  As is my general policy, I deleted the comment.  A few days later, Max returned with this one:

max fedjudas@xxxx.xx:  I got this version, checkmate!

I didn’t realize it was a competition, but good on you.

This comment was sent to me on Facebook.   This person posted a comment using a word in a negative connotation that I personally dislike: “retarded”. I replied that it was now 2013 and saying that word in that context is no longer cool. If it ever really was cool.  Several people agreed with me, but then I got a private message from this person, Mike F.  Private presumably because he didn’t want to be publicly scolded by somebody else for using the word again. This is what he needed to get off his chest:

Mike F*****:  Retarded is retarded… Remember the meaning of it? Stupid… Dumb… Ya know… Retarded. 2013 and all its political correctness can kiss my fuckin asshole!

Dear Mike:  Welcome to my “block” list! Population: you.

Finally, we have the 164 comments that made up what I called the Neue Regel Saga.  I don’t blame you if you do not have the appetite to wade through that nonsense, but here it is, staggering in its absurdity.  The first time I had to close comments down!

Thankfully these flavourful comments are few here.  If you enjoyed this, and if I receive any more comments that make me “WTF?” then I promise to post them in the future!



        1. It’s great that people get so passionate about music. It’s not great that some people can’t just agree to disagree. But that’s why WordPress enables a way to close comments on articles :)

          I’m watching you. You and your beady Lego-eyes.


  1. Awsome! Just can’t get enuff of those neue regel posts. I’m glad I saved all of those. The guy’s killing me.
    Besides, I’m deeply offended by the fact that 1537 called you Mastermind, Mike. I am Mastermind. The one and only. Apparently I am also a parrot, but hey, a mastermind parrot. Things could be worse. Kind of…
    So I strongly advice anybody who reads this to check Regel-boy’s comments out. They’re all hilarious. So for the hell of it, I’ll link all the nonsense he wrote on my site as well.


      1. Ah, the sweet taste of credit. Thanx, bro.
        But on the other hand, hadn’t you given ole regel boy some punches there he would never have shown up here…


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